10 Editor-Approved Beauty Buys From the Ulta Fall Haul

When it comes to shopping for beauty products, the Ulta Fall Haul is one of the very best sales of the year. But before you dive in, consider the fact that the editors at Well+Good have tested many of the products featured in search of the perfect routine.

Through Saturday, October 2, Ulta is offering up to 50 percent off top brands across beauty, skin, and hair-care products both in-store and online. For the next five days, you can save big on editor-approved brands like Pixi (30 percent off), Cocokind (20 percent off), and Undone Beauty (40 percent off). It’s not just discounts—certain brands are bundling items for a fraction of the regular price, too. Others, like Cerave and Almay, are giving away freebies when you purchase select products.

With so many great deals, it’s hard to know where to start. But we’ve done the digging for you. Here’s what Well+Good editors are sure to buy at the Ulta Fall Haul.

Editor-approved products to buy at the Ulta Fall Haul

Pixi, Glow Tonic To-Go — $13.00

Originally $18, now $13

I am one of many fans of the Pixi Glow Tonic ($18), and I love these pads even more. It’s the same formula in more convenient packaging, making them perfect for air travel. At 30 percent off, you bet I’m stocking up.

Dr. Teals, Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution — $6.00

Originally $6, now 2 for $10

“This is my go-to when winding down in a bath,” says Kara Brown, news writer at Well+Good. “It smells amazing and adds another level of relaxation to the bathing experience. I love how much you get for the price—one 3-pound bag is $6. And during the Fall Haul, you get two for $10.”

Kristin Ess, Style Reviving Dry Shampoo — $10.00

Originally $14, now $10

Well+Good commerce editor Gina Vaynshteyn uses this dry shampoo between her washes. “You could be on day four, and a few quick spritzes of this stuff will soak all the oil right up and make you feel fresh,” she says. “I love that it features ‘Zip-Up’ technology, which is a hair strengthener that protects and repairs split ends and prevents color fading, if you have dyed hair. It also smells fantastic.”

Physician’s Formula, Butter Blowout Mascara — $6.00

Originally $10, now $6

Erica Sloan, associate lifestyle editor at Well+Good, says this mascara is comfortable and long-lasting. “My lashes virtually disappear without mascara, but I find that if I wear anything designated as long-wear or waterproof, I end up losing lashes at the end of the day while I’m washing it off,” she says. “It doesn’t make me feel like I’m doing my lash health a disservice, given it’s infused with lash-strengthening keratin and a few different butters that make its application smooth and creamy.”

Real Technique, Miracle Complexion Sponges (Pack of 4) — $10.00

Originally $18, now $11

“The Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponges have been my go-to for years,” says Brown. “They have the perfect texture and density for seamlessly blending in complexion products.” Blend away lines and save nearly 50 percent by purchasing this four-pack.

Undone Beauty, Water Blush Stick — $7.00

Originally $10, now $7

“I recently discovered Undone Beauty—apparently everyone on TikTok can’t stop… TikToking about it. It’s a minimalistic beauty brand that offers the basics, and I love how high-quality everything is,” says Vaynshteyn. “My favorite is their water blush stick, which is easy to swipe on for a bit of color (and you can also use it on your lips in a pinch). It leaves a natural warmth on your cheeks, and leaves skin hydrated.”

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Photo: Bio Oil

Bio-Oil, Skincare Oil — $21.00

Originally $30, now $21

Senior commerce writer Taylor Bell is adding a bottle of Bio-oil to her cart. “People often like to use Bio Oil in many ways, but I prefer to use it as a body moisturizer,” she says. “It’s one of my top three ways to keep my body hydrated. For me, it works more like a sealant to lock in my skin-care products while also providing an extra layer of moisture.”

Cocokind, Pore Refining Concentrate — $11.00

Originally $14, now $11

I have huge, deep pores on my nose and chin that only get smaller (or at least, look smaller) when I used this stuff. It comes in a roller, making it easy to target areas over your face and it’s loaded with lightweight, feel-good ingredients that never feel sticky on my skin.

J.R. Watkins, Sleep Creamy Body Wash — $10.00

Originally $15, now $10

“I’m a religious nighttime shower-er, so when I’m lathering up, I usually look for something with a relaxing vibe—anything that can help shift my brain from anxious daytime energy to pre-bed calm,” says Sloan. “This body wash does exactly that: It’s scented like a fragrance with layers of bergamot and cardamom, and is also packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and calendula that make it just as soothing to my skin as it is to my mental state.”

Pacifica, Pineapple Curls Refresher Mist — $10.50

Originally $14, now $10.50

I love all-things Pacifica, but I’m particularly fond of this curl refreshing mist. As someone with a looot of curls, I don’t love to wash my hair everyday—otherwise, it’ll just get dried out. So, on second and third day-hair, I just spritz a little of this mist on, scrunch, and go, and my locks look good as they did on day one.

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