Pet Fashion

The Top 5 Most Fashionable Poodle Cross Breeds

Dogs and humans have been living and working together for thousands of years – they’ve served not only as guardians and protectors, but as stalwart companions throughout history. While the more practical nature of our relationship with dogs has never been in question, there is the aspect of status and fashion that comes with owning a dog.  This isn’t really …

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Style for the Ages

Style for the Ages. Exactly 100 years ago, Guccio Gucci founded a leather-goods company in Florence, Italy, catering to local equestrians with a range of saddles, bags, and elevated horseback-riding accessories. Over the next few decades, the family lead for business expanded—opening shops in Rome, Milan, and New York and adding ready-to-wear, handbags, and shoes to its cache of luxury …

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