15 Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Didn’t Know You Needed

If there’s one thing that we can enjoy during the holiday hype, it’s spiked eggnog, binge watching classic holiday movies, and rocking those hilarious plus size ugly Christmas sweaters! But, like many other shopping experiences for those with plus size bodies, it can be hard out there finding a Christmas ‘fit!

Even if you haven’t been invited to a ugly Christmas sweater party this year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join in on the fun. Hit up your friends and invite them over for a little holiday pick me up, with a fun Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

Paired with the most comfy of plus size jeans or leggings, you can go all in with a tongue in cheek option or make it cute, with a sweet and corny plus size sweater. The kicker here? The more outlandish you go, the better the effect!

Celebrate this lighthearted and fun tradition in your home, whip up a fancy Christmas charcuterie board, and turn up the Christmas tunes from your exquisitely curated Spotify list while dressed up in these holiday sweaters!

From Cute and Quirky, to Hilarious and Highly Relatable, We Rounded Up the Best Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters of 2022!

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Ugly Christmas sweater parties are coming around and plus size ugly Christmas sweaters can be tricky to find. Here are the best ones you can get this year!

How much fun were these finds? Again, as each season or trend comes around, it becomes that much easier to find the plus size options for us! Or at least we work hard to make sure it is easier for you!

What did you think of our fun picks? Did you find one that screamed you? Did we find a plus size ugly Christmas sweater that you needed in your life, like… immediately?!

plus size ugly Christmas sweaters

Are you going to pick up any plus size ugly Christmas sweaters this year? If so, we hope this fun round up made making this year’s purchase that much easier. Anything to spread a little holiday cheer, right?

If you’re still in need of last-minute holiday gear, don’t forget to check out our curated holiday gift guides for inspiration, and to finally check that off your ever growing to-do list!

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