17 Best B Corp Certified Beauty Products You Can Feel Good About Shopping 2022

Interested in learning about what B Corp certified is and where it falls in sustainable living? When it comes to sustainable beauty it’s one of the many buzzwords that the industry has latched onto as a way to sell products to eco-conscious consumers. Similar to “clean beauty,” there is no agreed-upon definition for what is and isn’t sustainable, and the term isn’t regulated by the FDA. So, in theory, any company can call itself sustainable. This is a problem for consumers because it’s tough to figure out the impact they have on the products they choose to buy.

One way for brands to back up this claim is by seeking certifications from reputable third-party companies that set a standard and give their stamp of approval to brands that they evaluate and meet that standard. The gold standard of sustainable beauty certifications is the B Corporation (B Corp for short) distinction.

What does it mean to be B Corp certified?

The B Corp certification comes from a group called B Lab, which is a global nonprofit that aims to help mission-driven companies balance profit with purpose. The ultimate goal of B Lab is to use the power of business to promote an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Brands that attain a B Corp certification must meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on a variety of factors from supply chain practices and material sourcing to fair wages for workers. 

Companies must submit a 4,000-question exam in order to apply for certification, which also involves submitting evidence to back up their answers. Once a company is awarded a B Corp certification, it’s required to recertify with B Corp every three years, improving its score each time you take the exam. Failure to do this results in the company losing its B Corp status.

A B Corp certification is a status symbol that’s immediately recognized by savvy eco-conscious consumers who want to support businesses that use their power and position as a force for good in the world. Beauty brands with this certification have shown that they take their commitment to sustainability seriously, as the certification is a notoriously long and challenging process of at least six to eight months and requires extensive audits of business practices across the company. 

There are currently over 5,000 certified B Corps in more than 80 countries and over 150 industries. As the beauty industry evolves to become more sustainable, more brands will apply for a B Corp certification to verify their claims. If you want to support B Corp certified beauty brands that prioritize purpose in their pursuit of profit, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below. You’ll find a range of hair-care, body-care, and skin-care products.

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