20 Latinx-owned beauty brands that are doing big things in hair care, skin care, makeup and more

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The Latinx community is making major moves in the beauty industry. From hair care products that cater to different textures to totally innovative beauty and skin care products, their contributions are nothing short of game-changing. For example, did you know that beautyblender is the brainchild of Rea Ann Silva, a Latinx woman? And Chillhouse, the cult popular NYC nail salon and wellness retreat? Yup, founded by a Latinx woman as well.

If Latinx-owned beauty brands aren’t already a part of your everyday routine, that needs to change ASAP. Get started with the 20 amazing Latinx-owned beauty brands below.


Founder: Rea Ann Silva

About the Brand: Rea Ann Silva founded the Latinx-owned beauty brand Beautyblender back in 2003, and it’s since become a household name. Known primarily for its eponymous pink makeup sponge, the brand also sells cleansers, foundation, highlighter, finishing spray and more.

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Bésame Cosmetics

Founder: Gabriela Hernandez

About the Brand: Inspired by her grandmother’s glamorous beauty routine, Gabriela Hernandez started Bésame Cosmetics in 2004. The Latinx-owned beauty brand specializes in highly pigmented makeup products that have a little bit of a vintage, retro flair. Among the brand’s best sellers are the Classic Color Lipstick and the Crimson Creme Rouge.

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Bomba Curls

Founder: Lulu Cordero

About the Brand: Created by Afro-Dominicana Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls is all about celebrating natural curls. When Cordero herself was suffering from severe traction alopecia, she wanted a solution to naturally help promote hair growth. Each hair care product is made with natural ingredients and is inspired by the Dominican beauty secrets passed down by generations of women. For your own curls, try the Dominican Forbidden Oil to smooth your hair or the Bomba Beauty Bites that promote hair growth.

Read more about Bomba Curls here.

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Botánika Beauty

Founders: Ada Rojas and Aisha Ceballos-Crump

About the Brand: Botánika Beauty is a hair care line made for Latinas by Latinas. Its mission is to represent all hair types in the Latinx community with a range of masks and special treatments. The company’s name actually comes from the word “botanica,” which is a place traditionally known in Hispanic communities to sell folk medicines and herbs. Each product from Botánika Beauty contains some of these healing herbs to nourish your hair and your body.

Read more about Botánika Beauty here.

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Founder: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

About the Brand: What started as a modern space for self-care in New York City has evolved into a full-blown lifestyle brand committed to a “chiller world.” Founded by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chillhouse offers treatments for your skin, body and nails in their SoHo salon, but you can also shop chill merch (like graphic sweatshirts and candles) on the brand’s website.

Read more about Chillhouse here.

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Eva + Avo

Founders: Sonia Guzmán and Ana Brenda Contreras

About the Brand: Founded by Sonia Guzmán and Ana Brenda Contreras, Eva + Avo is a hair care brand that harnesses the power of natural ingredients. Many of their powerhouse products are made with naturally nourishing ingredients like avocado (hence the brand name!), rosemary and cocoa. Not only can you purchase Eva + Avo products individually, but you can also buy bundles like the popular Shampoo + Conditioner Duo.

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Hello Updo

Founder: Magdaline Hurtado

About the Brand: Women with textured hair already go through enough to keep up appearances in the workplace. Thankfully, there are brands like Hello Updo that offer stylish, practical solutions. Their game-changing hair accessories are just what thick-haired naturals need to keep coarse, curly tresses out of their faces.

Read more about Hello Updo here.

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JLo Beauty

Founder: Jennifer Lopez

About the Brand: Fans had been asking for a JLo Beauty collection for years, and in January 2021, the famed singer and actress finally obliged. The Latinx-owned beauty brand includes skin care products that feature a proprietary ingredient, the JLo Beauty Olive Complex. It’s clinically shown to make your skin look smoother, plumper and more glowy. You can shop JLo Beauty on the brand’s website, at Sephora and on Amazon.

Read more about JLo Beauty here.

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Joanna Vargas

Founder: Joanna Vargas

About the Brand: After 20 years in the business, licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas launched her namesake skin care brand built on the philosophy that everyone can and should have great skin. Skin care influencers and fanatics rave about the Latinx-owned brand’s wide range of clean products that deliver noticeable results. Some popular Joanna Vargas picks include the Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer, the Magic Glow Wand and the Daily Serum.

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Lights Lacquer

Founder: Kathleen Fuentes

About the Brand: With each shade carefully curated by its in-house team, Lights Lacquer focuses on the fun that comes with nail polish and beautifying one’s hands (and feet). The brand is also “7-Free,” free from toxic chemicals used in many other nail polishes on the market.

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Founder: Desirée Velázquez Rodríguez

About the Brand: Honor yourself and your bath routine with these artisanal soaps that are sustainably and ethically sourced as well as cruelty-free. For an added touch, each product from Lilasuds is made from scratch in small batches and comes in biodegradable packaging.

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Melt Cosmetics

Founders: Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar

About the Brand: First-generation Mexican American Lora Arellano co-founded Melt Cosmetics alongside talented makeup artist Dana Bomar in 2012. Since then, the Latinx-owned brand has garnered a reputation for its heavily pigmented makeup products that come in bold shades. Some popular Melt Cosmetics products include the Iluminación Highlighter and the Cali Dream Blush.

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Miss Rizos

Founder: Carolina Contreras

About the Brand: Miss Rizos, a Dominican-founded salon, initially started as a blog to give advice to readers in Spanish about their natural hair. When the salon opened, it became a socially impactful space to educate other Afro-Latinas on their natural curls. The salon specializes in curls without the use of toxic chemicals or heat. Additionally, Miss Rizos carries its own merch, like its “Yo Amo Mi Pajón” tote.

Read more about Miss Rizos here.

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Founder: Giselle Chirinos

About the Brand: Overt Skincare, founded by Giselle Chirinos, is the perfect blend of philanthropic goals and high-quality products. The Latinx-owned skin care brand aims to be transparent, effective and charitable. Also, it’s easy to shop, as the brand exclusively carries serums. As an admirable bonus, the products are made with recyclable materials, and 10% of profits go to charity. By far, Overt’s Hydrator serum is one of its best-selling products to date.

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Founder: Farah Vargas

About the Brand: In 2018, Farah Vargas launched her beauty brand, Pinkness, with just one product, and it quickly became a cult favorite. To this day, skin care mavens and real women alike swear by the brand’s Forever Flawless Beauty Oil, which gives skin a flawless glow. Be sure to keep an eye out for what Vargas does next; she’s teased that more products are on the way.

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Rare Beauty

Founder: Selena Gomez

About the Brand: Actress and singer Selena Gomez founded her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, in 2020. The Latinx-owned beauty brand features an inclusive shade range and accessible packaging. Some popular Rare Beauty products include the Melting Blush and Weightless Foundation.

Read more about Rare Beauty here.

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Rizos Curls

Founder: Julissa Prado

About the Brand: Like so many people with curly hair, Julissa Prado went through many phases on the way to embracing her crown. The search for products that worked well with her hair texture ultimately led her to create Rizos Curls, a Latinx-owned beauty brand that creates products to help people achieve “defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls.”

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Shocks of Love

Founder: Juan Felipe

About the Brand: Given his background as a certified aromatherapist, it should come as no surprise that Juan Felipe’s Shocks of Love fragrances have taken shoppers by storm. The self-taught perfumer creates captivating scents that are “vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.” Additionally, all Shocks of Love perfumes are “100% alcohol-free, fully breathable and face and skin-friendly.”

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Sigma Beauty

Founders: Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho

About the Brand: Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, a scientist and an engineer of Brazilian descent, founded Sigma Beauty in 2009. In just a few years, the brand became the premier destination for makeup brushes, faux eyelashes and high-quality makeup. Today, Sigma Beauty remains a staple in many people’s makeup kits, with the brand’s Essential Trio Brush Set being one of its best-selling products to date.

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Tata Harper

Founder: Tata Harper

About the Brand: Colombia-born Tata Harper launched her namesake skin care brand in 2007 with one goal in mind: to help people find natural beauty products that worked. Today, Tata Harper is a leader in the plant-based skin care space, offering powerful, supercharged formulas packed with raw botanicals. The Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence and the Regenerating Cleanser are two of the Latinx-owned beauty brand’s best-selling products.

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