2022’s Best Hair, Makeup, & Skin Care Trends Are Something To Celebrate

Even if you haven’t quite made all of your New Year’s resolutions yet, it’s hard not to help but wonder what the hell 2022 has in store. After two pretty unpredictable years, the sentiment feels optimistic that once again good times will (eventually) roll. And, even in the confines of your own home, makeup, hair, and skin care trends have had an undeniable effect of helping people feel good despite all the uncertainty in the air. Neon eyeliner and glitter nails anyone?

In the past, trends were dictated by the runway, but it’s no surprise that social media is running things now. Yet despite their sonic speed (and spread), as fast as something catches on something new is likely coming down the pipeline. “Particularly with beauty, trends come in a huge swell and dissipate just as quickly,” explains writer, author and head of content at thirteen lune, Melissa Magsaysay.

“Like most things, once we have been seeing a trend for more than a minute, the pendulum tends to swing back the other way so that we’re seeing something different before too long. Also, now that we follow certain tastemakers and influencers, we tend to take on some version of what they’re doing.” So, what’s ahead in the new year for hair, makeup, skin, and nails? TZR caught up with some of the biggest names in beauty to share their predictions about what will be a hit in 2022 — or perhaps a miss.


Architectural Hair

According to Fashion Creative Director & Head of Fashion & Beauty Partnerships atSnap, Inc. Rajni Jacques, she’s starting to see more texture and more sculptural looks in her Brooklyn neighborhood. “It’s not just a simple ponytail anymore — it’s super sleek in the front, but almost structural in the back. People are getting really creative and intricate.” In summary, kiss that traditional “cheerleader” ponytail goodbye next year.

The Skin-ification of Hair

Scalp is skin — or at least that’s what the trend needle is pointing towards: the idea of treating your scalp like you would treat your face. Executive Director at Violet Lab, Sarah Brown has had her eye on skin care companies transitioning into the haircare game. “One of the big trends we’re seeing in terms of what is coming out in hair care is beyond styling — it’s really about the quality of your hair,” she shares. “Finally, there’s a real lessening of taboos around hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, etc.” Scalp scrubs like Augustinus Bader Scalp Treatment and Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub (which Brown calls the ‘benchmark’) are more popular than ever and becoming in-shower staples.

Puff Love

Natural hair has transcended trend status and become more common place thanks to initiatives like The CROWN Act in place to protect those against race-based discrimination. Coming out of this, those with natural hair are feeling more experimental. Creator Management Lead, Beauty & Fashion at Pinterest, Marta Topran explains that searches for “high puff hairstyles” have skyrocketed to a 165% increase in search, while “Space buns for natural hair” have gone up 100%. “This is a really fun way to show off your texture. Plus, you can search on Pinterest by your hair pattern to see how that would look on you.”

Healthy Hair

Visits into the salon have likely been more sporadic, which means continuing to take things into your own hands will become a thing. “I am really into these lines that are centered on hair health and a holistic approach to growth and fullness,” explains Magsaysay. Some of her favorite brands include Vegamour, Ceremonia and Shaz & Kiks.

Rebel Cuts

“People are really embracing their texture and fun ways to expert,” adds Topran. She’s seen an increase in search terms like shaved head dye designs (i.e. cheetah prints), octopus haircuts, and even a 190% increase in searches for mullets. “We’ll see how that plays out,” she laughs. “But, I think the shag cut is really at the [roots] of all this interest.”


Conscious Beauty

Magsaysay is into “​​Clean, plastic-free products that are fun and easy to use.” Right now, she’s loving the Color Changing Blush Oil from Youthforia. “The whole line is super fun and engaging and packed with ingredients that are great for your skin. Also, products that have a ‘back to basics’ approach in ingredients and formulations.” Additionally, she applauds brands like Golde, Ere Perez, Monika Blunder and Ami Colé for their minimal, straightforward approach. “It’s all about good skin ingredients and a simple to understand and use product offering.”

Luxe Balms

Mask mandates haven’t slowed down what we are putting on our lips just yet. “The way that we wear lip color has changed,” explains Brown. “Everything is less formal and we’re not as made up. So I think that while we do want color on our lips, we want it to be really comfortable and really a step up from a balm.” Personally, despite the data saying otherwise Brown is not sold on the uptick on matte lips (at least right now) “It just feels very stiff and too formal. It’s too much makeup. I just think it is about these really saturated, luxurious hybrid balms like Make Beauty Serum Balm or Victoria Beckham Bitten Lip Tint.”

Just Add Jewels

Blame the ‘90s and early 2000’s because bling is back. “​​Gen Z is really driving this trend that’s going beyond just bling in a traditional earring or necklace,” adds Topran. “They’re accessorizing their entire body. We’re seeing an 85% increase in tooth gems searches, [and] crystal eye makeup has gone up 110% on Pinterest.”

High Gloss

Staying on the ‘90s wave, thick, tacky gloss is back, but thankfully reformulated, so you won’t have to worry about barely being able to pry your lips open post-application. “Whenever I need to cast a girl for a project, I’m always in the deep dark webs of Instagram and Snapchat trying to figure out ‘who are the it girls?’ And, I’ve been seeing a lot of that juicy gloss lip everywhere,” explains Jacques. She suggests pairing this super wet look with a bare face and a super bold eye, like electric blue or neon green. “Just that streak of color is insane in a good way,” adds Jacques.

Skin + Body

From The Neck Down

“We’ve been seeing the shift to care for your body the same way you do your face and it makes total sense,” explains Magsaysay. “For body care, I love The Established, Gilded Body and Karite. For the face, I think finding the ingredients that work for you is key and then find the brand that is doing that well. Allies of Skin is probably the most effective skin care regimen I’ve ever been on. Their product offering is robust, but I use three products in the day and three at night and that is enough for me (timewise) but also to see amazing results. Must haves are the Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist, 35% Vitamin C Perfecting Serum, Peptides and Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment, Retinol and Peptides Repair Night Cream. And for masks, nothing beats Joanna Vargas.

Brown agrees. “Body’s really interesting right now,” she says. “People are definitely treating their bodies more like their face, you know? The way that you would layer skin care on your face now maybe you might consider layering skin care on your body. You might use a serum or some kind of treatment product, and then you would go over it with something that’s going to hydrate and seal in that moisture.” Her top picks are iS Clinical Body Complex and Kayo Detox Mask to Scrub.

Gua Sha for Self-Care

Topran predicts we will be moving away from asking about the best face cream to caring for ourselves more holistically. “[At Pinterest] we’re seeing increases for searches of ‘spa day’ or ‘at-home spa day.’ The Gua Sha technique is something that we’ve seen has over a 600% increase year over year,” she says. “[Essentially] people really want to take care of themselves and give themselves that time versus just that, ‘what is the active that’s going to help with this?’ They’re trying to take care of themselves which I think is so important right now for everyone.”

Smart(er) Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, Brown’s philosophy is simple. “I’m interested in things that perform and that work. That’s all I’m interested in when it comes to skin care —I love the beautiful story. I love the beautiful package, but I really just want it to perform.” Violet Labs recently launched two brands that they are betting on for 2022: Eighth Day Serum and Saro de Rúe Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Tablets.

Dew You

Whether achieved by face gloss or oil, a subtle skin sheen will be everyone’s go-to per Jacques. “Think, hydrated, clean skin and just a little bit of shine,” she explains. “A little dewy, but not dewy all over — just healthy, clean skin. Personally, I love Glossier FutureDew Oil Serum for this.”


Brownie Points

“Right now, we’re seeing a really big spike in searches for brown nails,” explains Topran. “It’s like a 350% increase, brown nails are super hot right now. I think nails are a great example because they’re a low commitment way to try a trend, so I think they can move faster.”


What else is new in nails? Landscape-like designs. Says Topran, “Galaxy nail art is up 115%. I definitely recommend you check out Steph Stone, she’s a celebrity nail artist. She has amazing idea pins and she did a galaxy one that’s super, super cool. Ocean nails, acrylic nails, desert nails, geo nail art, people are really into these nailscapes. It’s fun, very escapist, and exciting too.”

At-Home Manicures

“I do my nails at home because I’m good at it and it’s easy and it’s one less appointment and one less thing I have to think about,” explains Brown. “And also just because I’m very classic. I do a nude, I do a super dark burgundy, or I do like a gun metal or occasionally a navy. I love Chanel nail polish and we [at Violet Grey] feel like that’s really one of the best, especially for the colors, you just can’t beat it.”


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