24 Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2021

24 Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2021

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We may be going a bit overboard here, but beauty advent calendars might just be our favorite advent calendars of all. Why? Because there’s absolutely no better time to treat yourself than the holiday season. You’re busy buying all the gifts, decorating the house, and planning the Christmas dinner menu that sometimes you forget to take a single second to relax before the day is over. You know who else feels the exact same way as you? Your best friend. Your mom. Your mother in law. Your kid’s teacher. Beauty advent calendars are wonderful because they basically force you to take a single minute every day to think about yourself during the craziest time of the year. What’s better than going into the new year with a self-care mindset? Not much.

The good news: The options are endless when it comes to beauty advent countdowns. If lighting a candle and reading a book is your idea of self care, then you’ll find more than one advent calendar you love here. Or do you prefer trying on a new lip gloss to feel ready to tackle the day? We’ve got you covered. We even included inexpensive options to gift the budding beauty gurus in your life!

Trust us, order one now. Your future self will thank you.

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Best for Variety

Sephora Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar

Our CL editors are big fan of Sephora’s in-house products and this advent calendar is a great way to get a taste for all the brand has to offer. It includes hair-care products, skin-care products, makeup, accessories, and so much more. 


Best for Bath and Mask Lovers

The Body Shop Share the Joy Advent Calendar

For the gal who may or may not spend an entire evening pampering herself with a bath and multiple masks, this is the perfect advent calendar. Moderately priced, it’ll bring a new surprise every day leading up to Christmas. 


Best for the Beauty Maximalist

The Body Shop Share Love & Joy Ultimate Advent Calendar

Or if you want to totally shower your loved one with the self care they deserve this holiday season, The Body Shop also carries an advent calendar with some of their best-selling full-sized products. 


Best for the Beauty Guru on a Budget

Holiday Vibes After Advent Calendar

It’s hard to turn down a $25 beauty advent calendar no matter who it’s for, especially when the products are so high-quality. With lip balm and pressed powders, you’re sure to get way more than 12 days of use out of some of these products. 


Best for Skin that Needs Some Love

All Aglow Shadowbox Advent Calendar

The creamy, hydrating consistency of Beekman 1802’s products make them winter lifesavers, and this advent calendar is full of our favorites, from lip balms to oils to soaps and more. 


Best for Treating Yourself

24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

There really is nothing as wonderful as setting aside some time to treat yo’self a la Donna Meagle and this is the advent calendar for it. It contains everything you need to de-stress from a month full of excitement and craziness. 


Best for Cult-Favorite Products

12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

Let’s just say, there’s way more than one product in this advent calendar that has a cult-like following, which makes it totally worth $34.  


Best for Trying All the Smells

Mini Candle Advent Calendar

We’re suckers for some deliciously scented candles like Voluspa, but they can be a bit pricey just to try out. The solution? This advent calendar. It comes stocked with 12 different scents to try before you buy a full-size version for yourself! 


Best for a Little Self Care Reminder

7 Days of Self Care Advent Calendar

Let’s be real: we can all use a little self care this time of year. A quick daily reminder for a week to take a breather and relax sounds like the ideal remedy for holiday stresses. Spend the $20 on yourself. You deserve it!


Best for Finding Your Signature Scent

Perfume Advent Calendar

I thought it was an unspoken life rule that you needed to have a signature scent as an adult, but I have failed. After trying many a perfume, I have yet to purchase a single full-size bottle that I love. This advent calendar is perfect for trying out multiple to see exactly what scent is totally on-brand for you. 


Best for Advent Calendar and Decoration in One

Advent Calendar 2021 Gift Set

Say goodbye to the cardboard advent calendars with poke-out doors you got as a kid and say hello to the adult advent calendar: this beautiful snow-village inspired one. The best part? The products inside are just as good as the calendar itself looks. Rituals has the best smelling fragrances and this countdown is perfect to celebrate the little things everyday leading up to Christmas. 


Best for the Nail Art Lover

Nail Lacquer Mini 25pc Advent Calendar

We all have at least one friend who’s gotten super into detailed nail art in the last two years. This advent calendar is the perfect way to show her your love and appreciation. 


Best for the New Year, New You Mindset

Ready, Set, Refresh! 14-Piece Advent Calendar

Looking for a little pre-holiday refresh for your skin? This advent calendar has you covered for a full 14 days. You could even hold on to it until the new year to usher in 2022 with two weeks of refreshing surprises! 


Best for Relaxing Every Night

12-Piece Advent Calendar

Facts: your nighttime skincare routine is 10x better when there’s a candle lit. Imagine how chill your evenings will be when you get to light a new candle every night? I’m getting relaxed just thinking about it. Time to buy this bad boy. 


Best for the Girl on the Go

2021 Holiday Advent Calendar

Look, we don’t all have time to paint our nails. It’s a whole process, whether you do it yourself or get it professionally done. This advent calendar is the perfect starter set for the girl who loves to have her nails done but just can’t spare an extra second in her day to do them. She’ll thank you later. 


Best for Your Resident Skincare Guru

Limited Edition Holiday Advent Calendar

If you’ve never tried Kiehl’s products, let me just tell you: they are worth the money. Both rich and hydrating, they quite honestly might save your skin when the temperature drops and the heat kicks on in your home. This advent calendar is a great way to sample their line and pick some favorites to carry into the new year with you. 


Best for the Budding Beauty Lover

12 Days of Beauty Kit

For the budding beauty lover, this advent calendar will get her stocked up on quality tools for a great price. Real Techniques is a favorite of our CL team due to their durability, product pick up, and blend-ability at such a great price. 


Best for the Dramatic Makeup Looks

Gimme Super Stars! 24 Day Advent Calendar

There are few better drug-store brands than NYX when it comes to lip products and primers, and this advent calendar packs both. It has 12 lip colors, a lip oil, 4 primers, and eyeshadows. Now that’s a steal. 


Best for Centering Yourself in the Holiday Craziness

12 Days of Crystal Magic Self Care Advent Calendar

This might not technically count as a beauty advent calendar, but beauty comes from within, right? Center yourself this holiday season with this advent calendar that contains 12 crystals like jade, amethyst, and sandstone. 


Best Value

Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

This advent calendar contains 16—yes, SIXTEEN—full-size products and 11 minis from some hot beauty brands like Glow Recipe, ELEMIS, and Medik8. Please excuse us while we snatch this one up right this very second. 


Best for the Girl Who Takes 30 Minute Showers

Advent Shower Steamer Set

People who love showers, really love their showers. And I think we can all agree that nothing makes a shower as luxurious as a steamer. Welcome every new day of the holiday season with a delightful new scent from this shower steamer advent calendar. 


Best for Moms

Christmas Advent Calendar

Want to treat your mom for the holiday season but not sure exactly what to get her? This 24-day advent calendar beats a nice bottle of wine any day. 


Best for the Friends Fanatic

Friends 24 Beauty Days Advent Calendar

I’ll just leave it at this: we ALL know someone who would love this. 


Best Splurge

YSL Beauty Advent Calendar

A $300 advent calendar isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to really treat yourself this holiday season, then view this as nearly a whole month of luxury gifts every single day. Perfumes, lipsticks, brushes, and more, every day leading up to Christmas. Go into 2022 feeling like the queen you are, my friend. 

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