25 Beauty Products You’ll Want For All Of Those Spring Weddings On Your Calendar

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Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Colorfix eye, cheek and lip cream pigment that’ll undoubtedly become the most reached-for item in your makeup bag

It’s cruelty-free and available in 34 colors! Danessa Myricks is a Black, woman-owned small biz dedicated to creating “a world of beauty for people from all races, ages and genders.”

Promising review: “They’re all beautifully pigmented. The longevity of this formula absolutely amazes me! I can wear them on my eyes for 12+ hours without creasing, fading, or becoming gunky (you know what I mean). I love the pinkier shades for my cheeks and lips, too. They blend out seamlessly on the cheeks and just melt into my lips. This product is so versatile! I highly recommend you go check it out and find a shade/finish that you like and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!” — AmberMarie8

An *essential* L’Oreal waterproof mascara for anyone who would like to avoid resembling a raccoon after bawling their eyes out

Promising review: “I only buy drugstore mascara because I am way too cheap to spend more than $10 on any single makeup item. I have tried a LOT of drugstore brands and formulas and this is hands-down my favorite. It creates really fantastic length without any clumping, so that it looks somewhat natural, but also dramatically long, which I love. Very romantic look. I have never used expensive mascaras but I have read a lot of people saying this is a dupe for pricey brands. I bought the waterproof one for my wedding (I cried a lot, and it didn’t smudge a bit!) and I have also worn it in a pool and the ocean. Looks great even after swimming. I also bought the non-waterproof for everyday and it is just as fantastic.” — Maddie

Estée Lauder’s Double Wear foundation

It’s available in 56 shades.

Promising review:
“This is the very best full coverage, stay in place, fade resistant, transfer resistant, heat resistant, give-me-the-best-glowy skin foundation EVER!!! I wore this on my wedding day, on a beach in Hawaii, and it stood up against the heat and humidity all day!!!! Looked perfect all day. I can’t recommend this enough! Gives a soft matte, yet glowy radiance to your skin! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Give it a try, you won’t be let down!” — SassysMakeup

A box of Mighty Patch blemish patches to spot-treat those pesky skin eruptions that always seem to pop up

They can be used on any skin type, and are drug-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Promising review: “I do not claim to understand the science behind these tiny miracles, but they have changed my life. I spent my workday looking forward to going home and putting one of these bad boys on my newly erupted Mt. Zit and the overnight results were shocking. Not only is it grossly satisfying, but it saved me several days of walking around with a bloody crater in my face because my previous method of dealing with blemishes was to pick pick pick.” — Adg


Smashbox’s bestselling Photo Finish primer, because having the perfect blank canvas is just as important as the makeup itself

Promising review: “I absolutely love this primer! My face is super oily and since I began using Smashbox primer, my foundation stays intact. I can work a 12-hour shift and people I work with always ask me how I keep my makeup in place. I definitely recommend this product.” — shannarn2011


And for outdoor weddings, a tube of Supergoop!’s Broad Spectrum 40 SPF Sunscreen that’ll bring you sheer joy

Promising review: “This is it. This is the perfect sunscreen. Supergoop has done it. I’m calling it now that Unseen Sunscreen has just broken the final barrier of sunblock for all of us. A sunblock with strong SPF, that does NOT 1) make you pale/chalky, 2) make you super greasy/shiny, and 3) sit stickily on your skin and visibly in photos. Not only does it not do the above, which I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE, it also comes with antioxidants and good stuff for the skin. It applies feeling EXACTLY like a primer, almost immediately feels invisible from the skin, gives a vague velvety blurring effect, and accepts makeup well. Thank you, Supergoop. I’m in my late 20s, and it has never been more important to remember daily sunblock. With this, I know I will.” — MsFourEyes


And speaking of which, Supergoop’s (Re)setting 100% mineral powder

Promising review: “Purchased this product for my wedding — knew I would have professional makeup done and that we would be taking photos outside. I have very fair skin and burn very easily, so I knew I needed some sort of SPF protection. This was perfect to brush over my face, neck, and shoulders before photos and I was completely protected from the sun! Highly recommend!” — Jennyg788


Stila’s Stay All Day waterproof liquid eye liner, which is a bonafide classic for a reason

Promising review: “I gave birth to our son and after 12+ hours of labor and an emergency C-Section — my eyeliner was still fire. When my doctor walked into the delivery room to tell us that C-Section was the best option [and after we agreed and were waiting on the operating room], her next comment was, ‘Let’s talk about that eyeliner — you look fantastic!!'” — nattieknobs


Or, Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide-on waterproof eyeliner pencil to create any tears-friendly look you could imagine

Promising review: “I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I went to a pool party wearing this eyeliner and was thrown in, and it did not smudge or run AT ALL. Such a gorgeous color and is my absolute favorite eyeliner. I will probably never buy another kind of eyeliner again because this is an essential item. It is SO easy to put on and stays on for about 12–15 hours without setting spray. I love this so freakin much!!!!” — makeuplizard

A nifty Chi Spin n Curl curling iron that takes alllll the work (and time!) out of achieving a head full of photo-ready ringlets

It also comes with a range of temperatures to choose from, depending on if your hair texture is more fine or coarse.

Promising review: “I’ve never been able to figure out how to curl my hair — it’s either been a tangled mess, burns everywhere, or the curl itself just looked terrible. Then I see this product and being a huge Chi fan, I was still skeptical. But for $80 I figured it was worth the try. The first time using it was after my hair air dried after a shower. My hair was kinky, already had its own wave/curl going on, and thick. This thing WORKED! It completely reshaped my hair, and only took me 20 minutes after sectioning off my hair! I did the 15 seconds at 360 degrees, and it almost curled it too well, I like more of a looser wave. The next time I tried it was when my hair was straightened the day before, so a little more tamed. I put each section in for 5-6 seconds instead of the 15 (it’s really easy to take out before the timer) and it came out more of what I was looking for. This thing is a LIFESAVER. I love it, and so excited I can finally have curly hair!” — Stephanie

Promising review:I have very thin, fine, pin-straight, baby hair. I also SUCK at curling my hair. So much so that I stopped trying a looong time ago. Tried again recently before attending my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. HUGE fail once again. I found this Spin N Curl and saw videos on YouTube that it actually worked so I figured I’d give it a try. I LOVE MY NEW SPIN N CURL!!!! I’d give it 100 stars if I could. My curls are sooo pretty every single time. Super easy to use. Heats up in 60 seconds. AND my curls last all day, all night and even into the next day! Get it!!!” — Rebecca D

Or, some flexible foam rollers if you prefer not to use heat on your hair, or have hair that’s on the kinkier and/or shorter side

Make sure your hair is lightly damp, then roll up a small section around one of the rods, bend one end over the other, and let it do its thing!

Promising review: “I purchased these for a trip and I love the convenience of the case! These were really good quality and helped my 4b hair hold a beautiful curl. I totally recommend. I have mid length maybe to my shoulder blades and these did wonderfully with length.” — Summer

A tube of I’m Meme’s Pep! balm to stash in your clutch for quick touchups

I’m Meme is a small K-Beauty brand that makes super fun and easy to use products designed with makeup newbies in mind! This product is available in five shades, as well as a mini trio.

Promising review: “I love this all purpose color stain. You can build it up for deeper color, or just apply a layer for a natural look. It comes out a little thick from the tube, but it layers on pretty sheer for good layering. I’m super low key and low maintenance, love that this stain can be used for everything so I just carry this and a concealer in my small purse to freshen up my look. Adds some warmth to my natural everyday look. Can add more for intense color.” — Cloudy Skye

A teeth-whitening pen for a bit of pre-wedding prep if you’re noticing those pearly whites are looking a little less than ivory

You can also use it for touch-ups here and there after a week has passed, and each pen is good for over 20 uses!

Promising review: “My teeth have been coffee stained for years. I’ve tried everything to whiten them, lucky I ordered these pens about a month before prom and within two uses I already noticed a huge difference! Unlike whitening strips it doesn’t leave your teeth splotchy and the taste is okay! I totally recommend this product!!!” — Allie


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ beloved brow pomade, which is both waterproof and smudge proof

It’s available in 11 shades.

Promising review:
“This is my all-time favorite brow product! I’ve been using it for years and love everything about it. I use two colors: dark brown (when I want a warm-toned brow) and granite (for a cool-toned brow). I use it with Anastasia brush #12. A little bit goes a very long way, so I usually put a little bit of product on the back of my hand and dip my brush into that, then dab the excess product off my brush onto a clean part of my hand. It is long wearing, waterproof, buildable, and easy to blend out. A very light touch can create natural, hair-like strokes, but it can also be built up to a dramatic, structured brow. The price is great, too. It’ll take you a very long time before you hit the bottom of the container. I have oily skin and have never had issues with this product wearing off or moving around. I’ve worn it to weddings and rainforest hikes and everything in between and it stays put until you wash your face.” — gingersesame


And, Refy’s TikTok-famous brow sculpt shape and hold gel to keep your perfectly coiffed bbs in place

It’s cruelty-free!

Promising review: “AMAZING!! This gel holds my brows unlike any brow product I’ve tried before. My brows always fall after a work day, but this thing keeps them stuck up all day long!! It really does give you the laminated effect and I love that it has two different brushes. I use the fluffy brush to comb through my brows and the other side to shape the top. 100% recommend.” —xeeboodoo


Or, Urban Decay’s All Nighter long-lasting makeup setting spray to lock in your look with a simple spritz

It’s vegan and cruelty-free!

Promising review: “Let me tell you — GET THIS. Before I went out with my friends I sprayed this all over my face. We went out and hours later I fell down a flight of stairs, I got a concussion and two black eyes, was rushed in an ambulance to the ER where I was for eight hours. I cried, got a CT scan, blood drawn, tetanus shot, etc. But my makeup? Stayed on like a charm. Can’t hype it up enough.” — emmaaleee


Pureology’s Color Fanatic multi-tasking leave-in spray, because we’ve all been to a humid outdoor wedding

Plus, it’ll help restore your hair’s moisture to maintain its shine. Use it on straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair — and it’s vegan!

Promising review: “Loved this! It’s a lightweight, leave-in spray so it didn’t weigh my hair down or make it look extra shiny. I have 4c color-treated hair and it left my hair feeling soft after blow-drying it. It does have a strong scent, but it went undetected after blow-drying my hair. This one is retailed at $28 which is a little more than what I would spend on a leave-in spray, but it’s definitely worth it.” — QueenMsKi

Promising review: “Loving this spray! This stuff smells amazing and detangles like a charm! I have straight hair so frizz and knots aren’t a huge issue, but this makes my hair feel like absolute silk! I just need a couple of sprays for my mid length hair, so the bottle is going to last forever, and that’s fine by me. I used to use a finishing oil, but now this has replaced that with many more benefits.” — sparklysugar

Revlon’s incredibly popular hot air brush, which has a whopping 276,000+ 5-star reviews

Promising review: “Blowout at home! This gave me salon-quality results on my own. I have thick, naturally curly hair. Blow-drying my hair in the past also required use of a straightener and hot rollers to put some bounce back in (a total of about 1.5 hours). This tool did it all in one step in about 25 minutes! Highly recommended.” — Calyk

Or, a good old ceramic hair dryer with a diffuser that’s great for drying curly hair more evenly

It also comes with a concentrator attachment for getting a straighter look, as well as three hair sectioning clips.

Promising review: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this hair dryer and diffuser combo! I have curly 3c hair, and this diffuser makes my curls pop in no time! It is superrrr lightweight so my arms don’t get tired either! It also cut my dry time considerably! Definitely a wonderful buy for the price!” — Chronically Living Mama


Tower 28’s SunnyDays SPF 30 tinted sunscreen foundation to even out your complexion all day while protecting your skin

Just be sure to reapply another sunscreen over top throughout the day if you’ll be spending time outside! This comes in 14 shades.

Tower 28 is a small biz whose founder, Amy Liu, has struggled with eczema for years. The brand specializes in products for sensitive skin, and everything is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Promising review: “I religiously used the Glossier Skin Tint for years, but this product intrigued me so I gave it a shot. It’s definitely more coverage than the Glossier Skin Tint, and what impresses me about the Tower 28 tint is how long-lasting it is. Eight hours passed and it still looked amazing, and I have oily skin, too. Used a cream bronzer over it and had no blending problems. I love this product and will repurchase when I use it up!” — meeowgo

Or, if you prefer liquid lip color, Maybelline New York’s SuperStay matte ink liquid lipstick to keep those kissers vibrant for hours on end

It’s available in 35 shades.

Promising review:
“This is perfect for you if you like long lasting, matte lipstick. I wore it for my wedding: the lipstick lasted through hours with food, kissing, and heat without smudging or any change in how it looks. I have eaten fried chicken, burritos, pasta, and tons of other things while wearing this lipstick and it stayed on perfectly without needing any real touch-ups. Seriously my holy grail liquid lipstick.” — Amazon customer


A smudgeproof eyeliner stamp, because achieving the perfect cat-eye shouldn’t be a major source of stress leading up to the big day

P.S. This tool is double-sided, so you can choose the thickness of your wing, and comes with two stamp pens — one for each eye!

Promising review: “This stamp has totally changed (and elevated) my eyeliner game! I was a little dubious at first because I have literally, tried everything in an attempt to make a flawless wing/cat-eye look. I’ve never been able to master it and therefore, had pretty much given up on trying to make that happen for me. THIS STAMP IS A GAME CHANGER! The first couple of times you use it will be some trial and error to determine where the appropriate starting point is on your lid, but once you get that down, it’s literally SO EASY and looks perfect every time. I stamp and then fill in the rest of my eyeliner with my normal product — presto! Perfect wings in three minutes. And it DOES NOT budge. You can put this on at 6 a.m. and it still looks good at 6 p.m. It is also easy to remove with any drug store makeup remover or towelette. If it came in other colors I’d buy them all!” — J.S. Massie


An oh so pretty pastel nail polish set so you can switch up your mani color for each event

Promising review: “This nail polish is so durable! I’ve had it on (two coats and a clear coat) for four days and there are no chips at all, even after traveling, attending a wedding, exercising, and more. I’m so impressed because I’ve never heard of this brand but it’s amazing. Will be buying again!” — Erin Sullivan

A salonworthy heat and humidity gel to help frizz-prone curls keep their bounce

FYI — Some reviewers with 4a/4b hair types mentioned this not being as effective for them as it is for others, but keep reading for another option below!

Promising review: “I have 2a/2b curly hair and spent my life looking for ways to manage frizz. On rainy days, I used to say “stand back everybody, I don’t know how big my hair is going to get!” Then, I discovered Advanced Climate Control in NYC while working there for almost two years. NY humidity was much more than I was used to and I just kept trying products looking for help. I add this to my “Curly Girl” routine as the last product when wet and it is terrific. I spent a rainy weekend trip with my curls intact and frizz free as a result. Great product, highly recommend!” — KMR

And, a curl-enhancing mousse that’ll restore moisture, shine, and definition while providing a soft hold

It’s designed for wavy, curly and coily hair!

Promising review: “This mousse is THE ONE!!!! It smells incredible, it detangles effortlessly, and I can reactivate my curls after a good steam shower or spray bottle, thus longevity in product. My hair is tightly coiled and even though I have volume, it is fine not thick. This mousse doesn’t flake, harden or destroy my curl pattern. It moisturized, nourished and defined my curls from root to tip. My search has finally ended.” — MiMi H.


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