6 Best Products to Combat Hair Thinning: A Beauty Editor’s Review

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If excessive hair shedding is one of the beauty concerns that plagues you the most, you’re not alone. I recently shared my thinning hair struggle, and am back again with a few more product recommendations that I’ve put to the test in the name of achieving thicker, fuller-looking hair. 

For a little background, I didn’t always have this problem. In fact, in middle school, I was nominated for the ‘Best Hair’ superlative; and prior to that, I have vivid memories of having a ponytail so thick, my elastic rubber band would often snap and fly across the classroom with no warning. Who would have thought my streak of youthful good hair days would end with a little age (and an ongoing pandemic) under my belt? Alas, here we are. 

Now, to be fair, much of my obsession with combatting hair loss is mostly preventative at this point. I’m in my 30s, so I know I have a long way to go before things get truly dire, but looking at my mother’s family line (and the sparse coifs seen on my aunts, late grandmother, and older female cousins), I have a pretty good hunch that my hair will only get thinner as time goes on. 

“Most female hair thinning and loss can be attributed to genetics in hormones,” explains Lars Skjoth, founder and lead researcher for Harklinikken. “For example, androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, is when our hormones attack the hair follicle, which ultimately causes the follicle to shrink over time resulting in gradually thinner hair. Stress, poor sleep, and poor nutrition can accelerate the thinning process because they impact your hormones.”

In an effort to protect and salvage what I’ve got now and stimulate new hair growth in the future, I tested countless products to see what works. 

Here’s what I’m loving right now. 

A key lesson that I’ve learned during this journey is that healthy hair starts with a happy scalp. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I now know that a lot of my fallout was directly attributed to an imbalance of oil production, and I wanted to get to the bottom of the issue ASAP.I paid a visit to the Harklinikken Clinic in Los Angeles to get a scalp consultation and enjoyed a deep-dive discussion about my oily roots, dry ends, and the tangled mess in between that I’ve grown accustomed to battling on a daily basis. Turns out, with a little more TLC targeted at my scalp, these issues can improve rather quickly. At Harklinikken, they lead with a scalp-first mentality and create ideal conditions for long and strong hair growth. I didn’t even realize I was neglecting my scalp health all this time, and now I’m making up for lost time by trying their recommended products and a few other standouts I found on my own. 

I’ve since dabbled in weekly scalp oil treatments, minty exfoliating scrubs in the shower, and consistent application of stimulating serums, and I’m hooked now. All of these methods (when performed consistently) have greatly improved the look and feel of my hair, and I have a feeling that six months from now, I’ll be a brand new woman. The below products proved effective for me to soothe my scalp, invigorate my hair follicles, and banish dryness and unsightly flakes that may have been blocking healthy, new hair growth all this time. 

The hair thinning category is positively booming right now, and there’s no shortage of tempting shampoos and conditioners out there to try. I’ve tested too many to count, but the duo that stood out the most was this unassuming set from Regenepure that I picked up on Amazon. I’ve been using it in tandem to achieve fresh, clean hair that looks so bouncy and full of life, I barely recognize it anymore. Truth be told, I rotate between a few of my favorite new shampoo and conditioner discoveries (like this anti-thinning set from Pura D’or) on the regular, and all I can say is my hair is loving all of these nourishing formulas that do their best to anchor what I’ve got while eliminating as much fallout as possible. 

And finally, two easy, no-brainer step I’ve added into my daily routine is taking supplements to support healthy hair growth and wearing my hair in a more protective style while sleeping. I start each day with Ora Organic Beyoutiful Supplements, which are packed with B vitamins, and Vegamour’s delicious gummies. Before bedtime, I twist my hair up in a loose bun or braid so that my tangle-prone hair is smoother and healthier-looking by morning. Less tangles equals less breakage, which results in a happier, stronger head of hair overall. 


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