6 Self-Care Staples ELLE’s Beauty Director Uses All Season Long

6 Self-Care Staples ELLE’s Beauty Director Uses All Season Long

Many of us are heading into the holidays facing freezing temps, frigid air, plus a sad lack of daylight. And when the sun rises after your morning alarm goes off, then sets before the workday is over, it can obviously take a toll on overall well-being.

On the bright side—no pun intended—this is what makes winter a great (and crucial) time to tune into your body and mind, according to ELLE’s Beauty Director, Chloe Hall. “Self-care is always important,” she says. “I try and make time every day to check in with myself. It’s so necessary—for everyone!”

Hall prefers to pamper herself during her post-shower, pre-bedtime routine, often relying on products that both help her de-stress from the day and also make sure she’s prepped for the next morning. Below, she shares six of her current favorites.

An Ultra Cozy Robe

What better way to start winding down at the end of the day—or, let’s be honest, any time of day—than slipping into a luxurious robe? Extra points for indulging in a warm bath or shower beforehand (as you should, you deserve it).

Hall’s current favorite is Sunday Forever’s Classic Elliot Constellation Robe because “it’s super soft and cozy, but the material is breathable so it doesn’t get too hot,” she says.

This Multitasking Watery Oil

Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil



“It feels and smells like a day at the spa,” Hall says about Guerlain’s newly reformulated Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, adding that she also, “noticed more hydrated skin very soon after my first use.”

That’s likely due to the combination of ingredients in this hardworking facial oil—which promises to provide the benefits of a serum, oil, and an essence in one formula. The ingredient list includes microbeads of soothing commiphora oil (commonly known as myrrh), ultra-nourishing royal jelly, and a proprietary blend of four different types of honey, which the brand calls “black bee repair technology.”

“I applied it onto my face and neck right after cleansing, and it went on super smooth,” Hall says. “The texture feels rich, but not heavy—it absorbed into my skin right away.”

A Hydrating Lip Mask


Obviously, nobody likes dry, chapped lips. But they’re often super hard to stave off, even when it’s not cold outside.

Hall’s pro tip: Apply a nourishing lip mask right before bed. Then, let the ingredients work their magic while you sleep so you can wake up to a more hydrated, plumper pout. She likes Tatcha’s Kissu Lip Mask, which can also be applied any time of day.

Eye Cream + Reusable Patches

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on your entire complexion, so it’s always a good idea to show it some extra T.L.C. If you aren’t already, aim to use an eye cream daily, and even consider taking things up a notch with eye masks, Hall recommends.

After applying Youth to the People’s Superberry Dream Eye Cream, she layers on the Forever Eye Mask by Dieux Skin for 10-20 minutes to seal in all of the cream’s hydrating ingredients (like squalane and hyaluronic acid). The best part: These under-eye patches are reusable, so you can pamper yourself as often as needed without any excess trash.

A Reusable Manicure Set


“Long live the press on nail!” Hall says. “They are so quick and easy, and I don’t have to commit to one style—I can always switch it up.”

For the holiday season, Hall is loving Static Nails’ Reusable Pop-On Manicure Set in Venomous Round.

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