7 Strategies To Shell Cameo Care

7 Strategies To Shell Cameo Care

Maybe you are fortunate enough to very own, or probably you inherited, a piece of shell cameo jewelry. Which is wonderful! I just enjoy cameos, don’t you?

Listed here are the 7 insider secrets to trying to keep your cameo wholesome and wonderful:

1. Retain your shell cameo out of immediate daylight. Light will fade a cameo – I uncovered out the hard way.

2. Store your shell cameo in a shut jewelry box that has a velvet or flocked floor. Continue to keep it away from other jewelry to steer clear of scratching. Do not area it on that fluffy cotton lining uncovered in reward boxes – the cotton will wick absent precious humidity, building your cameo brittle.

3. Get treatment not to fall your shell cameo. It can break.

4. Dust your cameo periodically with a gentle brush, these types of as a clear make-up brush. Dust can scratch the area of the cameo.

5. 2 times a year, apply a generous quantity of little one oil or mineral oil to the cameo, and allow to soak in right away. Following working day, wipe off the surplus with a soft cloth. Keep away from applying colored oils this kind of as olive oil – your cameo will be stained yellow.

6. You may possibly cleanse your cameo when wanted, working with a soft-bristle or newborn toothbrush, and Woolite (TM) or non-abrasive toothpaste. Brush gently, then rinse with warm drinking water and dry cautiously.

7. Under no circumstances, Ever use a business jewellery cleaner on your shell cameo! It will etch and erode the area, and make the cameo dry, brittle, and breakage-inclined.

Comply with these easy secrets, and your important shell cameo jewellery will previous for generations.

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