8 Summer Makeup & Skin Care Products To Swap Out For The Season

If you really think about it, a beauty arsenal is a lot like a wardrobe, in many respects. Everyone has their favorites. Certain items make a regular — even daily — appearance, while others just sit around in the back of a cabinet or closet on the off chance we need them. Along this mode of thinking, makeup and skin care, like clothing, should really be swapped out based on the season. Sure, some things — such as that perfect pair of flattering jeans, a blazer that goes from the office to happy hour, and a great facial sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind a white cast — are evergreen.

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start considering summer makeup and skin care swaps. You wouldn’t wear an eight-ply cashmere sweater and a down jacket in the middle of the summer, right? So why slather on a thick, winter moisturizer or a full-coverage foundation with the thermometer steadily climbing towards 95 degrees?

Ahead, six super knowledgeable makeup artists and skin care experts share their picks for which products to stock up on and toss (or shelve if they’re unopened — please always remember to check expiration dates) leading into the steamiest season of the year.

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1. Swap Regular Mascara For Waterproof Mascara

Humidity and sweat can quickly push the limits of regular mascara. And if you plan on plunging into the pool or ocean, the dreaded raccoon eye becomes an almost inevitable. Luckily, the solution to avoid black smudges running down your face is incredibly simple. Hair and makeup artist Aaron Barry suggests changing over to a waterproof formula for summer.

2. Swap Foundation For Tinted Sunscreen

The last thing anyone wants in the heat is something heavy sitting on their skin and clogging pores. “As far as summer makeup goes, I vote no on foundation,” says Tatiana Cellini, PA-C, a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatology physician associate in New York City. “A tinted sunscreen gives a bit of coverage and protects against harmful UV rays while still letting the skin breathe.”

3. Swap Powder Blush For Cream Blush

Summer makeup is all about that (faux) sun-kissed glow. According to celebrity makeup artist Deanna Paley, using a cream blush gives skin that natural flush. “I love that it adds a dewy hint of color and just brightens up the face without needing to wear any other makeup.”

4. Swap Creamy Face Wash For A Gentle Gel Cleanser

Between the sun, heat, and humidity, there are a lot of factors that can irritate the skin in the summer. That last thing your complexion needs is a harsh face wash that’s going to exacerbate sensitivity or something super creamy, thick, and heavy. When it comes to cleansers, Crystal Greene, a NYC-based esthetician and the owner of Crystal Greene Studio, favors a gentle gel formula that removes impurities without stripping or drying the skin and doesn’t leave behind a residue.

5. Swap Matte Lipstick For A Tinted Balm

Summer makeup should feel fresh and light. Again, you aren’t going to toss on a wool knit when the weather report calls for a tank top. The same goes for pout-perfecting products. Instead of a matte lipstick, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes reaches for a tinted lip oil balm that offers hydration and buildable color.

6. Swap Eye Pencil For Waterproof Liquid Liner

In the summer, waterproof is a pretty safe bet for basically everything makeup-related. Paley relies on a waterproof liquid liner to create her signature winged eye and guarantee it holds up through the heat, humidity, and long days of activity.

7. Swap Heavy Moisturizer For An Ultra-Lightweight Lotion

A rich moisturizer may be just the ticket in the winter but as summer rolls in, those heavy formulas start to feel like you’re wearing a ski mask in the wrong season. Esthetician Rowan Hall-Farrise recommends picking up an ultra-lightweight lotion that’s packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to keep your summertime complexion dewy and comfortable. Gel formulas in particular are ideal in the summer heat.

8. Swap Eyeshadow For A Long-Wear Shadow Stick

“I stan a fuss-free summer makeup moment,” reveals Barry. “That means trading a harsh cut crease for a subtle wash of color across the lids.” Long-wear shadow sticks are formulated to be sweat-proof and stay put all day. They’re also super easy to use and you don’t need a brush or sponge — just your fingertips — to soften the edges.


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