9 Festival Fashion Trend Predictions For 2022, From Chainmail To Corset Tops

​​Temps are rising and excess layers are shedding, which can only mean one thing: festival season. Upcoming months will see the celebratory comeback of events like Coachella and Stagecoach following their 2021 (and 2020) cancellations. But what to wear for after such a pause? We’ve done the research on your behalf.

On the ground, we predict the festival crowd will appear in a slew of pelvic cutouts and westernwear (hello, cowboy boots), while the Y2K resurgence will see its comeback in the form of beaded phone straps — a stylish and practical way to keep your phone (and the photos of that must-see headlining act) on you at all times. Styles from our favorite shows are creeping their way into festival season, too: Expect corsets of the Bridgerton variety and chainmail sets à la Maddy from Euphoria.

For more outfit inspo likely to make its way into your shopping cart and onto your social media feed, check out the 2022 festival fashion trends we’re predicting will be everywhere, below.

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2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 1: Corsets

Bridgerton fever is here and with it, a deeper appreciation for fits-like-a-glove corsets. The exquisite dresses and corsets worn by the Bridgerton family were not only a reflection of their impeccable taste and social status, but also a nod to the rich fashion heritage passed down through generations of the illustrious Bridgerton family tree. A silhouette loved by celebs like Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bieber, and Megan Fox, this trendy style reaps versatility in that it can be paired with baggy jeans and tight minis alike. Extra boning provides additional support that may nix the need for underwire, too. Go the traditional route with your classic corset top, or try the style incorporated into a bodysuit or slip dress.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 2: Cowboycore

Patterned bandanas, intricate boots, and concho hats: the cowboycore is traveling at full steam ahead. From designs by Isabel Marant to music videos like Dua Lipa’s “Love Again,” westernwear has steadily crept up in popularity this past year and festival grounds will be not be exempt from the fun that is silver buckles and quality leather.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 3: Cool Cutouts

Cutouts (specifically of the pelvic variety) are currently synonymous with off-duty celeb style loved by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian — they were even a focal point of Chanel’s Spring 2022 collection. The ongoing trend has since begun to present themselves in everything, from pants and skirts to dresses. With the uncanny ability to make simple silhouettes and neutral color combos feel timely and fresh, this is the perfect outfit idea to pursue for last-minute festival looks.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 4: Chainmail

What is chainmail? It’s a metal-meets-mesh fabric that borrows the glitz of sequins but remains lightweight. From matching sets to cowl neck tanks, consider this luxe festival trend an elevated version of the prom dress you drooled over in high school. It’s also proof that Euphoria fashion lives well past its season-two finale: We all want the chance to channel Maddy’s iconic winter formal look of a matching chainmail top, skirt, and veil.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 5: Belt Bags

Practicality has met its stylish match in the belt bag. An upscale version of the fanny pack, these chic accessories keep essentials securely at arm’s length and won’t begin to feel heavy as the day goes on. Stick with a neutral if you don’t want eyes straying from your outfit, while opting for a bold color also makes the perfect statement.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 6: Mini Skorts

It feels redundant to repeat this trend given the viral state of Miu Miu’s micro-mini skirt, but it’s indeed true that shorter hemlines are destined to be a festival staple. Under the same umbrella is the micro skort, which is a more practical bottom to wear at hours-long events this spring and summer.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 7: Platform Footwear

From Dark Academia loafers to goth-inspired chunky boots, platform footwear has been the backbone of this year’s shoe trends for every aesthetic. This style is wondrous for festivals because it offers inches of added height without the pain of sky-high stilettos and pumps.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 8: Matching Crochet Sets

A quick Instagram and TikTok scroll proves that crochet clothing is no longer a hobby sponsored by craft stores but rather an intentional style put forward by the likes of Dior, Gabriela Hearst, and Valentino. From whimsical touches like sunflowers to vibrant hues like neon green, expect this design technique on festival-goers all season long. Bonus points if the crochet comes in the form of a matching set.

2022 Festival Fashion Trend No. 9: Beaded Phone Straps

The resurgence of Y2K fashion has uncovered a long, lost love for colorful baubles and beads. While we’ve come a long way from the flip phones we tossed into oversized hobo bags decades ago, the beaded phone strap is a way to pay homage to our youth… and this time around, via an iPhone 13.


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