A Fashion Editor’s Review of the StyleSnap Feature on Amazon

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I shop online for a living, so when it comes to sourcing clothing, footwear, or accessories that nail a certain aesthetic or trend, I’d say I’m an expert. Throughout my robust career (over 15 years) as a digital fashion editor, I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time surfing the internet looking for the perfect dupe for any number of trendy essentials; so it’s rare that I’m stopped in my tracks by an innovative technology that suddenly makes shopping so much easier. 

I recently discovered StyleSnap on Amazon, a cool feature that quite frankly, isn’t utilized nearly enough. Here’s how it works: Upload an outfit photo from your camera roll and it immediately detects every shoppable element of the look. StyleSnap then provides plenty of spot-on Amazon dupes for you to pick from, and works quickly to unlock an array of options — down to the last detail. 

It goes without saying that this feature cuts down on the guesswork (i.e. coming up with the right adjectives to pop into that search bar) considerably, and I coudn’t be more thankful. I put StyleSnap to the test with with a few head-to-toe looks of my own, and was impressed with how intelligent it is. 

Once I uploaded my photo (note: you can grab outfit inspo screenshots you may be archiving from Instagram or Pinterest, too), StyleSnap got to work by pinpointing the items (including shoes, handbags, or accessories) it was curating for me. StyleSnap served up Amazon dupes right away, so I could just sit back and shop. 

In the case of this daytime fall outfit, StyleSnap zeroed in on my checkered cropped pants, quilted handbag, and white mules, and went to work sourcing similar-looking options right before my eyes. 

To further test out StyleSnap, I decided to push the envelope by uploading a few more photos featuring two of my favorite go-to dresses to see how advanced the technology was at identifying specific colors, prints, and patterns. From a floral block print wrap dress to an abstract painterly design on a bold, one-shoulder number, there wasn’t a challenge that StyleSnap couldn’t handle. 

Fast, detail-oriented, and intuitive, StyleSnap is like the helpful assistant I never knew I needed. Try it out and see how much time you save on online shopping from here on out.


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