Abilene Woman’s Club fashion show marks history in style

History through fashion will be celebrated Friday at the Abilene Woman’s Club Foundation. 

It’s an opportunity for the 93-year-old organization to highlight through the decades women’s achievements nationally as well as their contributions to cultural and civic advancements in Abilene. 

One recent benchmark is the election of Dorothy Drones, the club’s first Black president. 

The Historical Fashion Show luncheon, which is intended to mark the foundation’s founding in December 1928, was moved from that month to February to coincide with Black History Month. 

A segregated upbringing 

Was Drone surprised that she is the first Black woman to lead the club? 

“To be very honest with you, it didn’t surprise me at all, because coming to Abilene in 1967, I’ve been through some interactions that were not so pleasant,” Drones said in a gracious voice.


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