Achieve natural looks along with all the features with Luvmehair wigs

Achieve natural looks along with all the features with Luvmehair wigs

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to wigs, but what most people want are natural looks. However, it does not mean you can get a wig with natural looks but lacks other important features. If you are looking for wigs that look natural and do not compromise on any of the important features, then you are at the right place.

 Here we will elaborate on the 3 wigs that perfectly fit this category and how wig brings value to you.

Top 3 wigs that provide natural looks and all other features that you want

The following 3 are our top findings for the wigs that look natural, along with offering all the other features to enhance your experience.

Headband Wig Human Hair

The first one is the headband wig human hair because of its unique design. As the name says, these wigs come with a headband that goes over the front of your head over the hairline region. 

As this headband goes along all the sides of your wig, it offers a unique experience that is better in several ways. This headband is not all, as you get many other features from the headband wig human hair.

  • These wigs go well with different-styled clothes.

The headband wig human hair is a casual wearing wig that can easily be mixed and matched with different styles and clothes. 

You have many options when selecting the wig, which means that you can select the perfect one to match your personality and your clothes. However, be careful about selecting it according to your workplace dress code if you are getting one for that purpose.

  • These are the easiest to hide with the headband

If you want an undetectable experience, there might be no better option than the headband wig human hair. The most common part of a wig that tells people you are wearing one is the hairline or its lace. 

With the headband, none of these will be visible. Even the front of your wig’s partition gets hidden under the headband, making it even more undetectable.

  • No special skills or products are needed for these

Styling the headband wig human hair is as easy as it gets because of the headband. The headband takes care of the most crucial parts, while you have the head’s top, sides, and back to style. There is not much you need to do to style that, and you can try any hairstyle with this wig you want. For an even better appearance, try leaving the wig open.

Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wigs are all about the attention to detail you may not be able to put with any other wig. It is because of the specific size of the lace of these wigs and their strategic placement. This presence of lace gives you more control over how you will be styling your wig. Thus, you can enjoy a more natural appearance without lacking essential features.

  • Premium hand knotting gives more attention to detail with these wigs.

Using the hand-knotting technique, the lace front wigs are made with premium lace attached with 100% genuine human hair. This hand knotting technique makes the hair look like it is emerging from your skin, so the wig perfectly melts at the hairline and is partitioned to the skin transition point. 

So, you not only achieve a natural look, but the overall feel here is also much premium.

  • A wider range of styles to try with one wig

Lace front wigs let you try several hairstyles with one wig. As you get the choice to set your partition as you want by selecting the right wig, there will be no restriction on the list of hairstyles you can try. If you can style them yourself, that would be great. Otherwise, you can also approach a professional stylist for any customization or styling services.

  • Several varying specifications are available in frontal lace wigs

The lace front wigs come in a wide range, with several specifications varying between wigs. It helps you put the best and the most natural-looking hairstyle on your head by selecting the following specifications as per your needs:

  • Hair type
  • Color
  • Texture and natural characteristics
  • Length and volume, etc.

Thus, you will always have the perfect wig for a perfect hairstyle.

Human Hair Wigs

The last one here is the human hair wigs. The main highlight of these wigs is that they are made with 100% original and virgin human hair taken from authentic donors. Even though these are wigs, being made with natural human hair will let you do everything with them that you do with your natural hair, including styling and customizing.

  • Customize your wig right according to your requirements

Customizing your natural hair can be risky as different products and equipment end up damaging your natural hair. So, you can try the human hair wigs for a much better customization experience. 

You can try things yourself or visit a professional hair stylist for the best customizations. From different hair colors to lengths and styles, these wigs will never restrict you with anything.

  • Several hair types available with 100% natural hair

Different humans have different characteristics in their hair. These range from texture to volume, color, and length. The best part about human hair wigs is that you can choose everything according to your preferences. 

These wigs are available in all lengths, colors, textures, and volumes. You can find all your desired aesthetic and technical features in these wigs.

  • Glueless application with other options

While human hair wigs keep everything natural with original human hair, you still need a perfect fit from your wig to look natural. It is where the glueless application comes in. These wigs come with different types of lace and glueless application, so you can put your wig on your head and be good to go.


Getting a perfect wig means that you are not compromising on anything at all. With the options discussed above, you can easily maintain the most natural looks and all other convenience and styling features to make the wig more useful.

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