Alison Hammond lands HUGE six-figure deal for her own In The Style fashion range

ALISON Hammond has landed herself a six-figure deal to become the new face of In The Style’s latest range.

The This Morning star joins celebrities including Stacey Solomon and Jacqueline Jossa who have hugely successful collections with the popular fashion brand.


Alison Hammond has signed a deal to be the new face of In The Style’s ‘Voice of the People’ collectionCredit: Rex

Alison, 46, signed her deal earlier this month and will be unveiled as In The Style’s latest big celebrity collaboration tomorrow.

A source said: “Alison is one of the most recognisable faces – and voices – on telly and In The Style snapped her up as quickly as they could.

“She is fronting their ‘Voice of the People’ range and the collection will showcase styles loved by Alison.

“Alison adores fashion and jumped at the chance to be involved with In The Style.

“She scored a six-figure deal to work with them and has taken great pride in curating her collection.”

Since appearing on Big Brother in 2002, Alison was taken into the nation’s hearts and has seen her star status go stellar.

On This Morning she has regularly talked about her love of all things fashion and previously admitted she was inundated with viewers asking where her outfits come from.

She is fronting their ‘Voice of the People’ range and the collection will showcase styles loved by Alison


Alison said: “I get a lot of women asking where I get my clothes from.

“They just constantly want to know where we get anything from.

“I’m a big girl, so all I want is comfort!

“I love ASOS Curve I think they’re brilliant.”

Last week Alison spoke to The Sun’s Fabulous Mag and explained how she refused to bow to societal pressure when it came to her body size and fashion choices.

The presenter, who has worked on This Morning since 2003, said: “In my head I’m slim.

“There is a slim woman in here with a lot of fat around her. I don’t realise how big I am until I’m next to someone.

“But I’m beautiful and a lovely person, and I know it. I’m not one of those people that hates myself. I actually love myself.

“People get really angry, but what do they expect us to do? Go and hide under a rock until we get to the size they want us to be? I know people who do.

“They won’t go swimming because of how they look. How sad is that? You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I’m not going to stop my life. I love the fact that we’re all so diverse and different.”

Since appearing on Big Brother in 2002 Alison's star status has gone stellar


Since appearing on Big Brother in 2002 Alison’s star status has gone stellarCredit: Rex

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