Anne Hathaway’s Hairstylist Shares How to Get Her Cannes Hair

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By now, you’ve probably seen the viral photos of Anne Hathaway glowing on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. But what you may not have realized is that this year’s event marked Hathaway’s debut at the famed event. And while the Armageddon Time star’s fashion—from an Armani Privé column gown to hot pink Valentino—are set to go down in Cannes history, her beauty looks were equally memorable.

For her hair, Hathaway collaborated with longtime hairstylist Adir Abergel on three glamorous styles. “Anne and I have been working together for almost 16 years now, and this was her first time in Cannes,” Abergel tells “Cannes, for me, is one of the most epic red carpets ever, and I wanted her to have that experience.”

Though the looks Hathaway wore may appear somewhat simple, a lot of thought and planning went into each one. According to Abergel, the Cannes red carpet is unique because of the sheer number of cameras. “I thought about what [the hair] would look like from all angles, since the photo call has photographers from all angles,” he says. Below, he explains exactly how he created each style.

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First up was a super-smooth blowout, paired with an equally sleek Armani Privé gown. “My inspiration for this look was voluminous sexy hair from the ’70s and ’80s supermodels,” Abergel explains of this “side-swept, voluminous, classic blowout.”

How to Get the Look

  1. Prime the hair. “On Annie’s freshly clean hair, I sprayed Virtue Volumizing Primer at the root to create a long-lasting foundation.”
  2. Rough dry. “I then rough-dried her hair about 80 percent using my GHD hair dryer on cool air.”
  3. Blow it out. “Using my Ibiza boar bristle brush, I followed by doing a classic roller-set blowout.”
  4. Roll and cool. “After each section, I teased and sprayed Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Hairspray at the root. I let the sections cool off using metal Velcro rollers. Pro Tip: Allow for proper cool down. Letting your sections cool guarantees locking down a style.”
  5. Add texture. “I removed the rollers and started playing with the parting and movement of her hair. I opted for a voluminous side parting and added some of my signature bends using a one-inch curling iron. Super easy and sexy, just a few pieces here and there.”
  6. Set the look. “I finished by spritzing 6-in-1 Style Guard Hairspray and heating up some Healing Oil in my hands to tousle her hair around.”
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      Worn with a Gucci mini, the second hairstyle was a “middle-parted curtain bang with a voluminous cascading curl half-up half-down style,” Abergel explains. “The texture was soft with brushed waves.” The look, he says, “was inspired by the height of the 1960s and the effortlessness of the models during that era, like Jean Shrimpton, Veruschka, and the curtain bangs on Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett.”

      How to Get the Look

      1. Build volume. “I woke up her hair by softly spritzing Virtue Volumizing Primer at the roots and mids of her hair shaft. I wanted major volume for this look, and this product give me longevity and sets the foundation.”
      2. Add some curl. “After each section behind the fringe area, I sprayed Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Spray and teased prior to curling with my T3 one-inch curling iron. I let the crown sections cool in place by pinning them with a creaseless pin.”
      3. Keep adding texture. “As these sections cooled, I used a 1.25-inch T3 curling iron to create my signature waves around her temples and nape [of the neck].”
      4. Pin it up. “After releasing her crown, I gently picked pieces to frame her face. I enhanced her volume subtly at the crown and with the help of a few U-pins, pinned half of her hair up.”
      5. Finishing touches. “One last spritz of Virtue 6-in-1 Style Spray all around and Healing Oil in my hands before tousling, and she was ready for day two of her Cannes experience.”
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          Greg Williams

          Last but not least is Hathaway’s style from over the weekend, worn with a striking fall/winter 2022 Valentino jumpsuit. At first glance, this hairstyle may appear similar to Hathaway’s day-one look. But there’s a major difference: Her curtain bangs seem to be doing a disappearing act. “Bangs can be very adaptable,” Abergel says. “For this look, we focused on the center part with soft face-frame pieces. It was all about creating a beautiful silhouette around her face and accenting her cheekbones.”

          How to Get the Look

          1. Blend and blow-dry. “I was able to blend her bangs into the rest of the longer hair by setting them into shape with my brush and a blow dryer.”
          2. Create a seamless finish. “Then, with my hands, I pushed [her bangs] back to blend seamlessly into her longer hair. I set the look with Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Hairspray.”
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