Beauty science 2021 shows focus on active skin care, essential oils, protective beauty and green NPD

Digging into scientific studies always provides insightful reading in the field of beauty. Within this, scientific or literature reviews are key to enriching and documenting our existing understanding on very specific topics as well as forecasting needs in terms of innovation and development.

In this round-up piece, CosmeticsDesign-Europe looks back at our coverage of scientific reviews published in 2021, highlighting some important areas the beauty world is looking closely at.

Protective beauty – far beyond traditional SPF

The future of protective beauty? It’s far beyond traditional sunscreen protection [Getty Images]

A history of sunscreen: Egyptian blends, ultraviolet filters and ‘rising’ research on visible light protection

In March, researchers from the UK’s Hull York Medical School and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust conducted a literature review on the history of sunscreen​ to provide an updated view of a global market set to soar to €20.3bn ($24.2bn) by 2029.

The review noted that the sunscreen category had advanced slowly over several decades, but the last ten years of research had highlighted a true need for formulas that provides photoprotection beyond ultraviolet rays. The researchers said that most notably visible light protection was now a fresh focus.

Moving forward, the researchers said it would be key to develop evidence-based visible light protection – a challenge given the need to develop relevant regulation and rating systems.

Scientific review supports Thanaka’s potential as a ‘natural sunscreen’

In August, researchers from Malaysia and the UK conducted a systematic review on the use of the Southeast Asian tree Thanaka in beauty​ – long used in skin care for anti-ageing, sun protection and acne treatments.

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