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The word ‘murumuru’ butter may sound strange and funny to you all together but it is a miracle ingredient for both your skin and hair. Treasured for its many “miracle” effects, murumuru butter benefits range from softening hair to protecting skin from dryness. If you look through some of the top-rated creams on the market, you’ll notice that murumuru is right up there with the best of them. So, what’s the sudden craze about this hydrating ingredient? Consider this your complete guide to one of your soon-to-be, must-have skincare ingredients.

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What Is Murumuru Butter?

Thanks to its unique name, it does raise a lot of curiosity in itself. Basically, murumuru butter is made from the fruit fat found in murumuru nuts, a palm tree found in the Amazon. It shares the same properties as coconut oil except that this one is more hydrating and nourishing as it is rich in fatty acids which helps to support the natural skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. Because of that, it is also a godsend product for dry hair. Conditioning is an important step to be inculcated in your hair care regimen. Hence, topical usage of murumuru butter infuses hydration and moisture to the deeper layers of hair.


Murumuru butter helps in moisturising the skin

How Does Murumuru Butter Benefit The Skin?

Thanks to its moisture-trapping nature, this ingredient has been turning into a cult-favourite.

1. Relieves Skin

This ingredient has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe sensitive or irritated skin. When used as a massage cream, it can even relieve strained muscles.

2. Deep Hydration

Murumuru butter is rich in fatty acids and deeply penetrates the skin to hydrate. It is a wonderful treatment for healing cracked skin or minor skin injuries too.

3. Less Comedogenic

Deep hydrating ingredients tend to have the potential to clog pores. However, murumuru butter is less comedogenic than oils or other moisturising ingredients without it causing concern for irritation for breakouts.


How Does Murumuru Butter Benefit The Hair?

What’s not to cherish and love the wholesomeness of murumuru butter in the case of hair too.

1. Rich Emollient

As a rich emollient for hair, murumuru butter is a wonderful addition to hair conditioners, shampoos and pomades to provide rich moisturisation.

2. Lightweight To Use

Another benefit of murumuru butter is that it is very lightweight and non-greasy. It will not leave behind any residue. It also gives you smooth and shiny tresses.

3. Deep Nourishment

Murumuru butter for hair has the ability to go deep inside the hair cuticle for proper nourishment, making an effective natural treatment to repair damaged hair.


Points To Ponder When Using Murumuru Butter

  • If you have a nut allergy, you may want to test a small area of your skin before using it all over.

  • Murumuru butter is mixed within products, as the other ingredients such as fragrance or exfoliating acids could be irritating., a patch test is necessary.

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