Best Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Best Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Which Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty is best?

Ulta Beauty has a wide selection of well-known beauty brands, and that includes hair products from Arctic Fox. Arctic Fox hair dyes have a reputation for being high-quality, long-lasting and cruelty-free, but the company sells other products related to hair care as well. Check out the beautiful array of Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color options before deciding on additional color care needs. 

What to know before you buy an Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Arctic Fox products

The focus at Arctic Fox is semi-permanent hair dye that comes in an impressive selection of highly pigmented artificial colors, such as blue, purple, pink and bright red. In addition to hair dye, Arctic Fox sells application kits, shampoo, conditioner, hair-repair serums, hair perfume and face masks. All are vegan and cruelty-free.

Color treatment

Depending on how often you shampoo your hair, most semi-permanent hair dye color lasts about two weeks. Arctic Fox color lasts about four to eight weeks on bleached hair and two to six weeks on unbleached hair. The dyes work best on pre-lightened hair, but certain colors can show up — with less vibrancy — on darker shades, too. If you’re not bleaching, the color you’re using should be darker your natural color. 

Charitable causes 

Cruelty-free isn’t just a key facet of Arctic Fox products, it’s built into the company’s foundation. Each year Arctic Fox donates 15% of its profits to animal welfare organizations. Recipients have included Second Chance Animal Services, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and San Diego Humane Society.

What to look for in a quality Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Hair repair

Arctic Fox has several products designed to repair color-treated hair. In addition to a strengthening shampoo and conditioner, there are two types of hair repair products. The first is gummies taken orally. They’re made with biotin and folic acid to help strengthen hair and nails. If you prefer a product applied directly to your hair, there are sprays and serums with ultraviolet and color protections, plus amino acids to strengthen and moisturize hair. 

Semi-permanent vs. permanent color

Arctic Fox makes semi-permanent hair dye sold in 8-ounce bottles. Semi-permanent color covers your hair color but does not alter the pigment. It fades over time and has to be reapplied regularly. Permanent hair color actually changes pigmentation and won’t wash out with shampoo. Permanent hair color is touched up less frequently, and usually only at the roots.

No harsh chemicals

It’s not enough to just use good ingredients — you also want to avoid bad ones. So, what does “no harsh chemicals” mean exactly? Some hair dyes contain peroxide, ammonia, ethyl alcohol and paraphenylenediamine (known as PDD). These chemicals can irritate sensitive skin and dry out hair. Arctic Fox makes hair dye without these components to better nourish color-treated hair. 

How much you can expect to spend on an Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Arctic Fox hair dye bottles at Ulta Beauty cost about $18 each, while the brand’s other hair care products cost $12-$25. 

Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty FAQ

Does this hair dye stain?

A. It can stain your skin, but only if it stays on your skin for a while. If this happens, you can remove it with rubbing alcohol. Some colors might stain the sink or tub. To minimize this risk, use a stainless steel sink if possible. Stains in the tub can be removed with warm water and baking soda.

Can hair dye expire?

A. An open bottle of hair dye lasts about a year and an unopened bottle lasts two to three years. Expired hair dye won’t harm your hair but might work less effectively than it once did. 

What is a diluter?

A. A diluter is a product you mix in with the hair dye as a base for blending custom colors. It goes in the mixing bowl first and dyes are added to it little by little, until you get the shade you want. 

What’s the best Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty to buy?

Top Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color

What you need to know: This 8-ounce semi-permanent hair dye comes in 14 vivid colors.

What you’ll love: The color is long-lasting with rich tones. There are different shades within each color family to choose from. It’s hydrating, easy to apply and smells great. Virgin Pink and Poseidon (deep blue) are two of Arctic Fox’s bestselling colors.

What you should consider: Even if your hair is light or blond in color, the dye works best if you bleach it first.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Top Arctic Fox product at Ulta Beauty for the money

Arctic Fox Rainbow Color Brushes

Arctic Fox Rainbow Color Brushes

What you need to know: This set comes with seven synthetic brushes, each with a brightly colored handle.

What you’ll love: The brush bristles are soft but firm. Hair dye washes out of them easily. They don’t shed and the rainbow theme makes it easy to tell brushes apart. They match the Rainbow Color Bowls set, sold separately. 

What you should consider: The logo wears off after the brushes have been washed a few times.  

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

Arctic Fox Hairapy Gummies

Arctic Fox Hairapy Gummies

What you need to know: This bottle holds 60 dietary supplement gummies for strengthening hair and nails.

What you’ll love: Key ingredients include biotin, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. The gummies taste good and you only have to take two per day. Over time, they can provide noticeable improvement in the condition of your hair and nails.  

What you should consider: Consult a doctor before taking these if you are pregnant or on medication.  

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

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