BLACKPINK Jennie’s Signature Makeup Looks, Product Preferences Revealed

Reports said that BLACKPINK member Jennie is always “game to switch up her look.” Using different kinds of makeup, she has allowed the public to witness how versatile her beauty is.

In casual settings, the K-pop idol seemingly dons little makeup to keep her look natural, neat, and feminine. But, for her other official engagements and appearances, she sports bold visuals, which fans and followers always adore.

It makes total sense why publications continue to keep tabs on her looks and styles from time to time.

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Jennie Sticks To Specific Makeup, Beauty Trends

Jennie may have already shown various unique looks for different occasions. But, Cosmopolitan said she follows certain beauty trends, which have since appeared to be her signature visuals.

Apart from her iconic “cat eye” makeup, it is said that the BLACKPINK member also loves to wear subtle winged-eyeliners. This style appears to elongate her eyes, and it complements her overall look well.

For her eyebrows, she usually dons soft arches, which are a “refreshing” contrast to the bold brows she has for live performances.

When it comes to her lips, the K-pop idol does not reportedly prefer a matte finish. This is why she utilizes glosses for a “more natural” look.

Overall, the publication asserted that Jennie avoids heavy and full-glam makeup.

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The BLACKPINK Member Reportedly Likes Nude Tones And Sparkly Glitters

The BLACKPINK members, similar to other K-pop idols, rarely share personal details, including even the beauty and makeup products they use. Nevertheless, the public tends to obtain hints and clues from their live engagements and social media posts.

Daily Vanity previously listed the products that the Forever Young singers reportedly prefer to use. For Jennie, it is claimed that she “loves” them as these items help her achieve most of her favorite looks.

The SOLO artist allegedly likes TOO FACED Natural Love Palette for her eyes. The reason being is that it offers skin-like mattes and sparkly glitters, which Jennie favors among all.

The other one on the list is the lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics. The BLACKPINK member is said to turn to liquid lipsticks as they last much longer on sets.

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