Brooke Shields, 56, Shares Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product

  • Brooke Shields shared with Prevention that she swears by Lumify Eye Drops for brighter, whiter eyes.
  • “I get really red eyes and I’m allergic to everything. It all happened in later years, which, you know, I’m trying to embrace it. But this is helping me through my red-eye phase.”
  • The 56-year-old also revealed that she loves True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil for “plump” skin.

    After decades in the entertainment industry, Brooke Shields knows a thing or two about beauty. While she’s shared her skincare routine for “glowy” skin in her 50s, the eye cream she uses to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and even the serum she uses to achieve her iconic full eyebrows, the star recently revealed an unexpected trick that helps brighten and whiten her eyes.


    Redness Reliever Eye Drops

    The 56-year-old told Prevention that Lumify Eye Drops, is the one drugstore item she can’t live without. “It’s nonaddictive and it makes my eyes so white, and I like to bring it on the set,” Shields told Prevention. “I get really red eyes and I’m allergic to everything. It all happened in later years, which, you know I’m trying to embrace it. But this is helping me through my red-eye phase.”

    Shields has long been open about her thoughts about aging, and these days she’s taking her “living life to the fullest” perspective and transforming it into not just a new community-focused platform, Beginning Is Now, but also a partnership with Clos Du Bois, touting their Chardonnay. “They want to challenge that stereotype that chardonnay is an old person’s wine,” Shields said. And with the supermodel sipping on a glass, we’re inclined to think they nailed the message.

    “It’s about the celebration of life but also looking at how we approach the alcohol industry as well. But I look at it as a whole, and how we need to start having the dialogue change between how we label once you’re over 40, and really looking at it as vitality and maturity as a beautiful thing.”

    Shields isn’t averse to making waves in the name of aging, either. In fact, late last year the 56-year-old posed topless for a denim campaign, and in February of this year opened up about owning her sexuality and “the knowledge that comes with age.

    Shields told Prevention we should “join forces with aging,” and embrace it. “I try to stop fighting it, but take full advantage of whatever I choose to that’s available.”

    One thing that surely helps? Her skincare routine. Along with the Lumify eye drops, Shields says she loves True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil.

    “I have started using true botanicals and have noticed their pure radiance oil, the way my skin feels and the absorption has been really noticeable to me,” she told Prevention. “I’ve noticed that the suppleness of my skin has definitely gotten better, and my skin is brighter, and makeup artists are even noticing it too.”

    Whatever Shields is doing, and how she approaches every new year, is working. The woman is the epitome of beauty and grace.

    Check out some more of Shields’ top beauty picks below—because who doesn’t want a supermodel-worthy glow? They make for great Mother’s Day gift ideas, too.

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