Cardi B Officiated a Surprise Same-Sex Wedding for National Coming Out Day

Imagine your partner surprising you with a secret, spontaneous wedding. Now add Cardi B as the officiant, along with That’s So Raven star Raven Symoné as a special guest. Talk about a day to remember.

For one lucky bride-to-be, the impossible became reality when her fiancée planned the surprise of her lifetime. Bride Brandi enlisted the help of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper and Cheetah Girls actress to marry her and her future wife, Shannon, as a part of Cardi B and Messenger’s limited-series Cardi Tries _. The show follows Cardi as she takes on different challenges each episode, trying her hand at everything from rhythmic gymnastics to teaching preschool to, most recently, officiating weddings.

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The episode begins with Shannon thinking that she and Brandi are at the venue for their engagement party, but little does she know, Brandi has orchestrated an entire surprise wedding. Once she reveals the wedding plan to Shannon, Brandi secretly gets to work with Raven and Cardi B to create the couple’s dream day.

But here’s the thing: Shannon still has no idea that Cardi and Raven are there. Throughout the episode, Cardi and Raven assist Brandi in picking her dress and the decor for the nuptials, and also support her through the many emotions that come along with your wedding day.

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The episode airs on October 8, ahead of National Coming Out Day on October 11. At one point during the episode, Brandi opens up to the two stars and reveals that after recently coming out, her mother did not support the marriage and therefore would not be attending the wedding. Cardi, Raven, and Brandi then talk through some of the challenges that same-sex couples often face during their love stories.

“It’s National Coming Out Day, which we all know is a layered journey for many people in the LGBTQ+ community,” Raven explains to Cardi. “Being part of a same sex marriage is important so people see that there’s differences obviously, but also similarities.”

Relating to Brandi’s story, Cardi also shares the experience her family had when meeting her sister’s girlfriend. “Trust me when I tell you, my mom loves my sister’s girlfriend more than she loves us,” she exclaims. “It just became such a friendship, and it’s so smooth.”

When it’s finally time for the two women to tie the knot, Brandi reveals to their family and friends that the event is, in fact, a wedding, and Cardi and Raven take their places. Brandi and Shannon tearfully walk down the aisle hand-in-hand, and assume their spots before Cardi B makes her grand entrance as officiant to gasps and cheers from the crowd. Shannon, who is of course surprised to see Cardi, reacts with screams and laughter—which Brandi had anticipated.

“When Shannon saw Cardi B, I knew she was going to freak out,” she says in the above episode clip exclusive to Brides. And the surprises for Shannon don’t stop there, because soon after, Raven appears with the wedding rings to Shannon’s continued astonishment and more cheers from the crowd.

With the support of Shannon’s parents and their combined friends and family—and of course through the power vested in Cardi from the State of California and an online class—the two become wife and wife!

Courtesy of Messenger

Fans can watch the exciting episode of Cardi Tries _ on Oct. 8 on Watch Together via Messenger, where they can even virtually watch along with their friends and cheer on Brandi and Shannon as they tie the knot.

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