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Common Wedding Planning Stressors By MBTI Type

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It’s probably one of the most important, most photographed, most blissful AND most stressful days of your life – your wedding day. And if you’re the one doing the wedding planning, chances are even for midsize elopements you’ve already put in hours of work and money.

The good news is that when it comes to the stress of wedding planning, a little self-awareness can go a long way.

That’s because not only does your MBTI type help you understand how you’re energized, take in information and make decisions; it also helps you recognize stress triggers and stress remedies. Read below to learn more about what stresses each type when it comes to planning the big day and recommended remedies to soothe your frazzled nerves.

ISTJ and ISFJ Personality Types

People with ISTJ preferences are likely to be practical, logical, and organized. They’re interested in absorbing information that will improve their work and rely on past experiences when making decisions.

People with ISFJ preferences tend to be thoughtful, dependable, and practical. They enjoy helping others and leaving things better than they found them.

Both ISTJ and ISFJ types would likely be stressed during wedding planning by working with disorderly or scattered vendors, not being able to find specific information to make plans (venue pricing or date availability) and last-minute changes (like caterers swapping items on the menu).

ISTJ and ISFJ stress management tip: Take some time alone to organize yourself and create manageable & concrete action steps or think about other times when stressful situations ended positively – tapping into the Sensing part of your personality.

ESTP and ESFP Personality Types

People with ESTP preferences are often logical problem solvers and fast thinkers. They’re energetic and in-the-moment, excelling at using common sense to find smarter ways of doing things – the definition of resourceful!

Those with ESFP preferences tend to be outgoing and friendly, making sure everyone’s needs are met. They’re easy-going and enthusiastic, often making things happen by creating a fun and supportive environment that invites others to jump aboard.

Both ESTP and ESFP types would likely be stressed during wedding planning by too much abstract information from vendors and forcing decisions on anything from the menu to wedding colors too far ahead of time.

ESTP and ESFP stress management tip: Make time for active self-care, maybe take a walk with friends or try a new fun activity. Also – use your support system to help with organize and focus yourself – especially the wedding party and family.

INFJ and INTJ Personality Types

People with INFJ preferences tend to believe in a moral code that puts people first and are often looking for a deeper meaning. They’re innovative visionaries who like to focus on a better future for everyone.

Those with INTJ preferences are often forward-thinking but operate mostly under the radar. They tend to have big goals and spend much of their time pondering how to get there. And they never shy away from a challenge.

Both INFJ and INTJ types would likely be stressed during wedding planning by vendors, in-laws or others micromanaging their wedding plans, lack of organization or shortsightedness, and by people involved in the planning not appreciating or understanding this type’s vision of the event.

INFJ and INTJ stress management tip: Ensure you schedule some downtime to brainstorm with yourself about options and organize your thoughts to meet your goals.

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ENFP and ENTP Personality Types

Those with ENFP preferences are excited by new people, new challenges, and always up for a change of scenery. They’re usually bouncing from one project to another, and often find many ways to complete tasks.

Innovative and entrepreneurial, those that prefer ENTP are often the first to notice a pattern in a system or a group of people. They enjoy strategizing and problem-solving, seeing the big picture and imagining into the future.

What stresses ENFP and ENTP types during wedding planning? The parts of wedding planning that are necessary but boring, without opportunities to get creative (seating charts, anyone?). Having to focus on details tends to be stressful, or pressure to make decisions too far ahead (your dream venue wants you to choose a date two years in the future?!?).

ENFP and ENTP stress management tip: Take time to brainstorm out loud and toss your ideas around with others. Find an outlet for your creativity – maybe with a little ingenuity making seating charts could actually be fun!

ISTP and INTP Personality Types

People that prefer ISTP are logical and adaptable problem-solvers who genuinely enjoy becoming experts at what they’re doing. They’re cool and level-headed in a crisis.

Those with INTP preferences are curious, independent, and objective. They love to figure out problems that others think are impossible to solve.

What stresses ISTP and ISFP types during wedding planning? Others who make decisions based on subjective criteria and not taking time for logical analysis (Just because you like the color is not a good reason to commit to buying 25 centerpieces just yet), and not being able to have quiet time to think things through.

ISTP and INTP stress management tip: Make sure to find solo time to regroup. Try to mentally take yourself out of the wedding planning chaos for a different vantage point.

ESTJ and ENTJ Personality Types

Those with ESTJ preferences are organized and led by their goals. They love managing projects and developing procedures, and even in their personal lives, they are highly structured and dependable.

People that prefer ENTJ are highly motivated and focused, they excel at asking the tough questions and finding the flaws. They thrive by setting long-term goals and often do well in high-stress situations.

What’s likely to stress ESTJ and ENTJ types when it comes to wedding planning? When vendors or others involved in the planning aren’t efficient and don’t finalize decisions, lack of control (hello, untimely spring showers), and disorganization.

ESTJ and ENTJ stress management tip: Don’t forget to plan time to step away and find the positives – make time for a walk & talk with someone close to you when you start to feel frazzled. Even a quick phone call to organize your thoughts will ease your stress.

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INFP and ISFP Personality Types

People with INFP preferences are curious, flexible and deeply thoughtful. They’re always striving for personal growth and very motivated by their core values.

Similarly, those that prefer ISFP are also problem-solvers, but they favor tactical ways of getting to a solution. They prefer to lay low and work hard and are generally easygoing, quiet and thoughtful.

What stresses INFP and ISFP personality types when it comes to wedding planning? Too much of a focus on the logical aspects of the plan, without others taking into account their values, and people not taking the time to understand their ideas or rationale behind their decisions.

INFP and ISFP stress management tip: Try to mentally take yourself out of the situation causing stress and see it from a different perspective (like a wedding guest perspective), and make time for solo activities that you find fun and energizing.

ESFJ and ENFJ Personality Types

Those with ESFJ preferences are natural caretakers who love to help others. They’re supportive, practical, sociable types who intuitively understand people’s needs and naturally organize to find ways to meet those needs.

People that prefer ENFJ have a great awareness of others and make friends easily – they’re enthusiastic and engaging. They thrive on harmony and conflict resolution, and they’re happiest being part of a group.

What stresses ESFJ and ENFJ types during wedding planning? Lack of emotional support from others or not feeling appreciated for all the work they’ve put into the wedding, conflict between family and friends (and what wedding is ever drama-free?), and anything that feels like excessive criticism (which sometimes can come from other’s “just being honest” opinions).

ESFJ and ENFJ stress management tips: Talk things over with someone outside the situation or conflict. Also, be sure to take time to refocus on your values and what matters most to you and your partner.

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Marta Koonz, PhD, is a Sr. Consultant and Certification Faculty at The Myers-Briggs Company. She is an archetypal psychologist, group facilitator and life coach. In addition to being a Certified Dialogue Education Teacher, Marta is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.

Images in featured photo via Diana Light/Vanessa Serpas/Mel/Melissa Walker Horn/Unsplash.