Denise Bidot launches plus size fashion collection at Kohl’s

Denise Bidot is the first plus-size model to walk the New York Fashion Week, and now she is bringing her expertise to the street style with an affordable fashion collection available at Kohl’s. The Puerto Rican descent model and businesswoman launched 46 pieces that range from 0X to 4X.

In an interview with HOLA! USA, the 35-year-old Florida native, revealed details of her first collection and the creative process. “I have been so lucky to be a part of this change in my life—being present for these cultural shifts has really informed everything I do as a businesswoman and a designer,” she said.

Denise Bidot launches plus size fashion collection at Kohl’s

“Kohl’s has been the perfect partner for this collection; since day one, it has been such a collaborative design process. I knew that I wanted my designs to be both current and timeless, comfortable and cute, and something that can be a staple in a woman’s wardrobe for years to come,” Bidot added. “I was inspired by all the plus-size models and women that I have had the opportunity to work with and meet over my career. This collection is both fashionable and comfortable with beautiful colors and fabrics that transition from home to on-the-go so effortlessly.”

According to Denise, consumers have access to a wearable and variable collection. “I designed this collection to be versatile—I wanted most of the pieces to be able to be dressed up or down and fit a variety of occasions,” she told us. “That is why most of the collection comes in a few neutral colors. I want these to be pieces that you can get creative with—that you can mix and match and make expressive looks that show off your personal style. I wanted these pieces to be something that you want to live in no matter where you are or where you’re going!”

In recent years, people are taking inclusiveness more seriously. However, Denise has been promoting inclusivity for years. For the model representing plus-size people has always been important. “I wanted to be the plus-size role model that I never felt I had as a child,” she reveals. “Growing up, I felt so much pressure from everywhere that told me that if I wanted to be beautiful, I needed to be thin. It took so much internal work and active unlearning to realize that my size is not only something I shouldn’t be ashamed of, but that is beautiful.”

“If my career was able to make that journey a little easier for young girls who felt like I did, then I am more proud of that than any other milestone and achievement I have received,” she says. “Being able to be an advocate for size inclusivity is an honor, and I always want to do my best to make everyone feel as beautiful as they are.”

Take a look at some of the pieces of the collection of Denise Bidot X Sonoma Goods For Life

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