Destination Wedding Invites for your Dream Getaway Wedding

It is possible to create something truly magical for yourself, your partner, and your loved ones when you choose a destination wedding. A destination wedding allows you to experience a new culture, take in new sights, and tie the knot in a special location. Our destination wedding ideas are perfect for planning your wedding somewhere far away or exotic. Here are some tips for planning a destination wedding and gorgeous venues you should consider. 

The world’s most popular weddings are destination weddings, which combine vacation and celebration. When designing your wedding stationery, you need to keep a few things in mind if you’re going out of town for the wedding. Here’s a guide to what to include in a destination wedding invitation, from the venue to the accommodations.

The following are some suggestions for destination wedding invitations.

The destination

Your destination wedding invites must clearly mention the destination part of the event. Let your guests know where in the world they will be going before you give specific venue details. Make sure you include a clear printout of the country and the town, and if you want to go the extra mile, also include a map.

The wedding venue

With a general idea of where they’ll be travelling to (or driving to), you can begin talking about the specifics. When you send out standard wedding invitations, be sure to tell your guests where the event will be held. You’ll want to take extra care to make it easy for them to find its name and full address online since it isn’t local.

The wedding date

It’s important that no one misses your destination wedding due to erroneous information. Ensure everyone books the right vacation time off work by including the specific day, month, and year of your celebration. We recommend that you do not use the all-numeral style (e.g. 10/10/2022) and instead use the written version (i.e. Saturday, October 10th, 2022, or Saturday the Tenth of October 2022). This is because some people write the month and day in reverse order when using the all-numeral format.

The time

As much importance should be placed on the time since you do not want anyone to be late for your party. The time should be followed by the hour and a.m. and no one should arrive too early or too late if the hour and a.m. are followed by the 24-hour clock.

The RSVP deadline

Your headcount will need to be worked out well ahead of time if you are planning a destination wedding. You should clearly state the RSVP deadline on your wedding invitation cards to prevent people from sneaking in at the last minute. Keep in mind that the RSVP deadline is when guests must cancel. The standard timeframe for an out-of-town event is typically 12 weeks rather than 6 (for a normal wedding).

The hotel info

If you’re not going to the hometown of many of your guests, nearly everyone will require accommodations. Including details about the hotel or resort at which you’ve reserved blocks of rooms on your destination wedding invitations, or adding an extra enclosure card with details, will make your invitations stand out from the crowd.

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