Different Components in a Hindu Wedding ceremony Invitation Card

In Hindu lifestyle, marriage ceremony invitations are regarded as Lagnapatrika or nimantranpatra and displays the cultural values, and traditions adopted in the Indian society. These playing cards are made use of for asserting the relationship ceremony. The process of sending invitation card to friends kinds an integral section of the ceremony. These cards are renowned globally for their exclusive layouts, colours and designs. The existence of various things in a Hindu wedding ceremony card helps make it correct for the marriage operate and without it the ceremony is incomplete.

Have a glance on the a variety of aspects of Hindu wedding ceremony invitation playing cards.

Turmeric (Haldi)

Haldi symbolizes happiness, purity and auspicious starting of a sacred ceremony. In Hindu lifestyle, the wedding day playing cards are to start with marked with haldi and then dispersed to the attendees. The bride and groom are also adorned with haldi to make them pure ahead of the marriage ceremony. It has religious utilizes and medicinal powers and the yellow shade of turmeric is the image of sanctity in Hindu marriage.

Sindoor & Chawal (Rice)

Sindoor and chawal are regarded highly auspicious in Hindu lifestyle. In Hindu marriage, marriage ceremony cards are marked with sindoor and chawal and made available to God to make the marriage holy and blessed. The red colored sindoor denotes the starting of a religious occasion and white coloured chawal (rice) denotes peace, innocence and purity.

Pink colored marriage ceremony card

Pink colour is a impressive color and attracts consideration as it raises self confidence and excitement. In Hindu society, pink coloration is suggested as an auspicious color, and it denotes enthusiasm, purity and delight. Pink colored marriage ceremony card highlights the rituals of a marriage and boosts the grace of the ceremony. The crimson coloration depicts the legitimate happiness for Hindu marriage ceremony.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is thought of as God of prosperity and education and learning. In Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha is worshiped initial to eliminate all the hurdles and obstructions prior to starting an auspicious party like relationship. Because of to this attribute, Lord Ganesha is printed on the Hindu marriage invitation playing cards, with a belief that Lord Ganesha will make the wedding ceremony hurdle totally free and prosperous.


On Hindu wedding playing cards, motifs like peacock or peacock feather, swastika, diya (lamp), and OM are utilised for designing them. These layouts have religious this means and discuss about the Hindu society.


The Hindu wedding playing cards are composed in English as nicely as Hindi language. The wordings utilised in them are quite very simple and simple to comprehend. The playing cards contain particulars of the situation, title of the bride and groom together with their moms and dads and holy mantras and shlokas from the holy Vedas. The principal motto is to invite the visitors to give their blessings to the newlywed couple.

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