Discussing COVID-19, omicron and weddings in Central Ohio

This story first appeared in the spring/summer 2022 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in December 2021.  

There was a moment this summer when I, like many others, breathed a sigh of relief: COVID-19 vaccinations were on the rise and cases were on the decline. I looked forward to planning an issue of Columbus Weddings that was relatively free of words like pandemic and super-spreader; an issue without masked couples or guests; an issue that was free of the fear and uncertainty that had plagued the world for the prior 15 months. 

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Then the delta variant changed everything, again. Cases rose. Breakthrough infections sent many people—myself included—back into isolation and made large, indoor gatherings a concern once more. Mask mandates returned across the country, including in the city of Columbus. A September spike in daily Ohio cases was almost three-fourths the size of the state’s high point in November 2020. Even as I write this letter, the week after Thanksgiving, the new omicron variant has many wondering not when, but if, this pandemic will ever end. 


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