Facebook Post Asks Wedding Planner To Plan Free Wedding For ‘Exposure’

Facebook Post Asks Wedding Planner To Plan Free Wedding For ‘Exposure’

A couple is getting dragged on social media–and for good reason.

An engaged couple recently went viral on social media platforms Facebook and Reddit for a bizarre and ridiculous request.

The discourse started on Facebook last week after a soon-to-be bride took to the social media platform to ask for help planning her wedding.

In the post, the bride asks for someone with at least eight years of experience to help her and her fiancé plan and cater their upcoming wedding, which boasts a whopping 200-person guest list.

That would be no easy feat for your average wedding planner, but to make matters worse the couple wasn’t offering much in the way of payment.

The post stated:

“This would be a great way to get some exposure for future jobs!”

“Please send the $100 application fee to my Venmo if you’re interested.”

In fact, the couple in question wasn’t offering any payment at all—claiming whoever took on the laborious job of planning and catering their wedding would benefit purely from the “exposure.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the couple also had the audacity to demand a $100 “application fee” from prospective planners who were interested in the position.

Looking past the paradoxical idea a professional wedding planner with eight years of experience would need business “exposure,” people were understandably aghast a couple would expect a wedding planner to work for free and pay to apply for that privilege.

The post went viral on Facebook and was subsequently reposted on Reddit to the WeddingShaming subReddit where it blew up even more.

Redditor glass_heart2002 wrote:

“Until this sub entered my life, I would have read a post like that and absolutely thought it a joke.”

“Wish I could go back to the time I was naive to the fact that people like this exist.”

They added:

“That’s so crazy it’s fascinating to me.”

“I’ve been married almost two decades now but I joined a wedding planning group just to see posts like this. I don’t get it, but they’re fun to observe from a distance.”

“I feel bad for the people that have to actually deal with them in real life!”

Sham_Pain_Renegade replied:

“Yes, it’s like observing some exotic, rare species. I’m utterly fascinated with the way their minds work.”

“I’ve never been married but I joined this group and some others like it ‘cuz it’s so entertaining.”

Many Redditors left scathing comments, calling the couple out for their ludicrous demands.

“8 years plus, because 7 or less just won’t do.” ~ AllHailKingRain

“Apparently the people with that much experience still need help with exposure.” ~ tylerdaichi

“I think they posted it as a joke, but there are chances it might be true😂” ~ babelieka

It’s that kind of person that if someone asks if they are serious they’re just gonna pretend it was a joke, but they’re definitely hoping someone will offer their services [for free].” ~ GiTheAlpaca

An INFLUENCER must be getting married!” ~ ChardyBowen

“Excuse you? Pay YOU to have the absolute fortune to plan a wedding for 200 guests who are probably of the same character caliber as you?”


“LOL! Application fee!”

“This bride just wants a free wedding, and she’s demanding it with an attitude.” ~ BatDance3121

“With application fees she expects to make a profit!” ~ FLBirdie

“The sheer audacity to think someone with 8+ years of experience needs exposure more than income….”

“I absolutely can’t.” ~ cacti_admirer

“I have read a lot of posts on this subject and how a lot of people try to get people to work for free.”

“But this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone require anyone responding to doing their wedding for free have to pay them just to respond to their ad.”

“WOW, I’m speechless.” ~ warwick8

“$100 application fee to feed 200 people while remaining unpaid????”

“Are they actually insane?”

“The whole thing was annoying as is, but the fact that you have to pay her for the ‘chance’ of being picked to work for free boggles my mind.”

“Some people are incredibly greedy.” ~ Fluffy_Dragons

So far, the couple who made the original post hasn’t responded to the backlash their bizarre request caused.

The couple may still be looking for a wedding planner, but we have a feeling they won’t get applicants any time soon.

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