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Skin-icing is one of the beauty hacks that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok all year long. — Picture courtesy of Vladimir Gjorgiev / Shutterstock via ETX Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 26 — TikTok users have been getting creative all year long to propose a host of beauty tips, each more ingenious — and sometimes outlandish — than the next. From makeup and haircare to skincare, here are some of the biggest natural TikTok beauty hacks that caught our attention in 2021, and which — it’s worth mentioning — also happen to be completely safe!

Are TikTokers the new beauty influencers? In any case, their tips and tricks have become essential reading, and are now shared by many websites and specialist magazines — whether in seriousness or in a more tongue-in-cheek way, depending on the topic. The phenomenon is such that strong trends regularly emerge directly from the ingenuity of the Chinese social network’s users. Here is a compilation of the best try-at-home TikTok beauty hacks of the year.

Skin-icing: Flawless skin on a shoestring

A simple ice cube could help make your skin more radiant and clearer than any cream on the market — at least, that’s what TikTokers claim, as they’ve been raving about the benefits of cold all year long. Skin-icing was one of the first icy trends to go viral in 2021, basically involving running an ice cube over your face for a few minutes. Easy!

According to users of the social network, this supposedly fights imperfections, improves skin texture, boosts blood circulation, limits the formation of wrinkles, and reduces under-eye bags. Indeed, it’s well known that cold acts as a decongestant — after all, cold packs are frequently used on bangs or sprains. Throughout the year, skin-icing has given rise to many variations, such as frozen lipstickfrozen cucumber and the frozen beauty blender.



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Rice water: A ‘miracle’ product

Rice water is another natural and time-old trick — especially in Asia — that has been popular on TikTok this year. The product has scored a crowd of converts thanks to its benefits for skin and hair. Hundreds and hundreds of videos have been posted on the Chinese social network lauding the merits of this inexpensive beauty trick, which involves using the cooking water from rice, or cold water in which rice has soaked for a few hours, as a hair mask, a lotion, a toner, or a mask for the skin.

Here again, the supposed virtues are many and varied. For the hair, rice water apparently makes it stronger and shinier, and even boosts regrowth, while for the skin, the product is said to act as a mattifying agent for combination to oily skin, and to help fight against sagging skin and signs of aging. And since it’s natural and virtually free, you can really go to town testing out this trick.



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Full, luscious lips with no need for botox

Despite being hidden away behind face masks, lips have been the center of attention this year, with a renewed interest in perfectly shaped, plump pouts. Some social media users first praised the merits of botox, and even more so of the Hyaluron Pen, which were criticized by health professionals for their numerous side effects. So instead, people turned to more natural solutions. As a result, all manner of makeup tricks were used to make believe — thanks to a stroke of pencil and some clever shading — that lips are fuller and plumper. Obviously, it’s just an illusion, but it also happens to be safe.

The ‘Lip Lift‘ — not to be confused with the surgical procedure of the same name, tipped as a major trend in 2022 — involves drawing quite a thick line on the upper lip, overlining the lip on the Cupid’s bow, before bringing the liner in along the lip line as you work down to the corners. Then, again, overline the bottom lip in the center only, then follow the natural line of the lip up to the corners. Nothing too complex, in short. Finally, fill in with a lipstick of the same shade, or a lighter shade, for optimal effect. This tip was shared by a pro, since it hails from Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s favourite makeup artist, who is also behind the Makeup By Mario brand. — ETX Studio



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