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It’s no secret that when it comes to hair and makeup products that deliver, even the most low-maintenance beauty lovers among us will spare no expense. Still, some of the best and most oft-used beauty products can be snagged for surprisingly low prices, especially when you buy them on Amazon, where you can find much better deals than you would in a store. Case in point? These cheap hair and makeup products that even beauty snobs love, which all ring up at less than $25 on Amazon.

Hailing from drugstore, indie, and foreign beauty brands alike, these 40 products outperform their much more expensive counterparts, which is why they’ve garnered such devoted followings both online and IRL. They’re affordable, yes, but they also possess a luxurious quality that belies their budget-friendly price tags, typically due to a winning combination of high-quality formulas, innovative technologies, and aesthetically pleasing packaging. It’s rare to come across products like that anywhere, let alone all in one place, so you may actually want to bookmark this page (you never know when that next online shopping itch will hit, after all).

To shop the 40 best beauty products under $25: hair and makeup edition, keep scrolling.


This Best-Selling Mascara That Gives You Long, Natural-Looking Lashes

One coat of this Vivienne Sabó mascara is all it takes to define and volumize your lashes — the small-but-mighty wand ensures that even the tiniest, hardest-to-reach hairs aren’t missed — but you can layer on as much as you like to achieve a thicker, more dramatic finish. No matter how much you use, the mascara’s lightweight formula keeps it from feeling heavy or going on clumpy. Despite being smudge-proof, it’s also super easy to remove — but only when you’re ready to. After all, fans of this mascara (and there are over 13,000 of them on Amazon) swear by this $13 wonder for its long-lasting coverage, too.


5 High-Quality Makeup Sponges For Just $10

These adorable, multi-colored makeup sponges come in packs of five and work with all types of liquid and powder makeup. Super soft and made of an easy-to-clean, latex-free material, these best-selling sponges — which boast an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon — contain just the right amount of elasticity and bounce to absorb your makeup and deliver a smooth, even finish every time. They’re a great value, too, considering that many single makeup sponges cost upwards of $15.


This Leave-In Conditioner That Nourishes Your Curls & Makes Them Shine

Specifically formulated for thick, curly hair, this leave-in conditioner — which is growing more and more popular by the day, as its ever-increasing rank on Amazon proves — works to nourish, hydrate, and detangle your hair all at once, while also enhancing shine and smoothing away unwanted frizz. Simply apply a generous amount of product from root to tip before styling, and watch your curls spring back to life. Bonus: The heavenly pomegranate and honey scent.


A Velvety Primer That Transforms Your Skin Into A Super-Smooth Base

No matter how simple or involved your makeup routine may be, the Poreless Putty Primer from e.l.f. is your first step to a perfect finish. It goes on evenly and holds tight to whatever comes next — be it a full face or a single layer of setting powder — giving you a soft, smooth complexion and all-day coverage. Infused with squalane, a moisturizing ingredient, the primer also works to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Most surprisingly of all? It won’t even cost you $10.


This 8-Second Hair Treatment With A Cult-Like Following

It’s not hard to believe that one bottle of this rinse-out hair treatment from L’Oreal is sold every minute. But no one will believe that you spent less than $10 on Amazon to achieve the luxe, silky effects it delivers. It truly works in just eight seconds, and its water-light, silicone-free formula doesn’t leave behind any residue, so even people with fine hair can use it without feeling weighed down. Trust us: Regardless of your hair type, this is the best $10 you’ll ever spend.


A Korean Lip Tint With A Fluffy, Weightless Feel

This cult-favorite lip tint from K-beauty brand Peripera delivers soft-but-intense color and has a lightweight, non-sticky feel, so it’s great for when you prefer a natural, slightly blurred look. Available in over 15 shades, it was also made to be moisturizing, so unlike other lip tints out there, it won’t dry out your pout. You can use it on your cheeks, too.


An All-Natural Dry Shampoo That Also Gives You Volume

Going longer between washes is no big deal now, thanks to the magic of dry shampoo. This powder shampoo from the eco-conscious line Hair Dance, though, not only lets your unwashed hair pass for clean, but also gives it fullness and lift. Plus, it’s infused with lavender essential oils, is made of just a handful of (all-natural) ingredients, and doesn’t come in an aerosol can. Simply hold the twist-open tip up to your roots, give it a light tap, and gently massage the powder shampoo into your scalp to absorb your hair’s natural oils. You’ll see the volume you want almost immediately — and you won’t have to shampoo for another two to nine days. Suitable for all hair colors and textures, this dry shampoo is both fast-acting and long-lasting; with moderate use, it won’t need replacing for up to a year.


This Popular Eyeshadow Stick That’s So Easy To Work With

Honestly, what’s not to love about this waterproof eyeshadow stick? Each intensely pigmented shade — and there are 27 to choose from — goes on super smoothly, transitioning from a cream to a powder as it dries. The clever, built-in smudger and candelilla wax, a glazing agent, make blending a breeze. Infused with vitamins C and E, this best-selling eyeshadow stick is also nourishing, hydrating, and ideal for tender skin. Totally snob-approved.


A Set Of Pro-Favorite Lashes That You Can Use Multiple Times

From pro-favorite brand Eylure, these feather-light falsies give your natural lashes a boost without appearing unnatural or weighing down your lids. Application is a cinch, too: Once you’ve measured and trimmed the lashes to your liking, apply the accompanying, nonirritating glue to each lash, then wait up to 30 seconds before attaching them to your natural lash line. Just don’t toss the lashes when you’re done. They’re reusable — “I’ve reused them at least three times already and they are still as good as new,” one Amazon reviewer reported — so you’re sure to get your $4 worth and then some.


The Most Luxurious Lipstick You Can Buy For Under $20

If the gorgeous packaging, inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, doesn’t sway you, the $18 price tag will. Available in 18 gorgeous colors, this matte lipstick from Catkin contains light-diffusing pigments and moisturizing ingredients that deliver a soft, multi-dimensional finish to your lips. The lipstick layers beautifully, too, so you can achieve the intense color you’re going for on special occasions. Its buttery, lightweight texture feels so comfortable, though, you might even find yourself applying it regularly at home when no one’s around. One thing’s for sure: Once you try it, you won’t want to go with out it.


This $5 Serum That Makes Your Hair Shiny & Sleek

For just $5, this best-selling serum from Garnier goes pretty darn far. In fact, it promises to give your hair a smooth, sleek sheen for up to three days in even 97% humidity, and the massive 5-ounce bottle will last you ages. Made with Moroccan argan oil to smooth away unwanted frizz and soften split ends, this serum is topped off with Garnier’s iconic Fructis fragrance, while a handy pump-top dispenser makes it a breeze to apply.


A Creamy Lip Color & Blush That’s Perfect For “No Makeup” Makeup

Creamy, blendable, and oh-so nourishing, this dual-purpose lip and cheek color can be applied using your fingers to give your skin a natural-looking flush. It comes in a sleek, mirrored compact that belies its under-$20 price tag, and it leaves behind a radiant, dewy finish. Plus, it’s vegan and arrives in tree-free paper packaging, so it’s easy on both your budget and the environment. What’s not to love?


This Super-Effective Heat Protectant That Leaves Your Hair Shiny

Behind every flawless head of hair is an effective heat protectant — and you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this coconut and argan oil spray from Hair Food, especially for the ultra-low price of just $11. From a line that believes what you put on your hair is just as important as what you eat, this dynamic spray gives your hair — straight or curly, fine or thick — mega shine and a protective seal that’s invincible against heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it smells like coconuts. Score.


An Easy & Travel-Friendly Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Could your makeup brushes use a little TLC? Then don’t pass up this incredible steal: 30 makeup cleaning sheets for just $4. These dissolvable, eco-friendly wipes make brush maintenance easy by effectively removing makeup and other impurities between uses. “I use a thick foundation that soaks heavily into the bristles,” Amazon reviewer explained, “but this removed it all.” Another marveled at how the wipes made discolored and fraying brush bristles look “near new” after an initial clean. Now that’s high praise.


These Adorable Eyeshadow Palettes From A Cult Korean Brand

If its impressive 4.6-star rating on Amazon is any indication, this comprehensive eyeshadow palette from K-beauty brand Etude House is certifiably snob-approved. “Better than some high-end brands I’ve tried,” one Amazon reviewer reported. Available in over 10 striking palettes that feature 10 different shades, the shadow feels soft and lightweight upon application, but still proves durable enough to last all day long. Each palette comes with a dual-sided sponge applicator for effortless layering and blending, and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is adorable, either.


A Soothing Tonic That Refreshes & Nourishes Your Scalp

Itchy scalp? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, this scalp-soothing hair tonic works wonders — and for just $10. Relying on a powerhouse combination of aloe vera, peppermint, tea tree, and Brazillian bacuri butter, this tonic simultaneously removes product buildup while providing your scalp with much-needed moisture. To use, simply apply the tonic directly to your scalp (the pointed nozzle allows for a more targeted approach), gently massaging it in as necessary. As its mostly five-star ratings on Amazon suggest, you’ll notice the results right away.


This Liquid-To-Matte Foundation That Lasts 24 Hours

Any foundation that promises 24-hour coverage deserves some attention. What about a foundation, though, that guarantees 24-hour wear and costs less than $10? Enter: The Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation from L’Oreal Paris. Designed for all skin types — even super oily and acne-prone complexions — the lightweight, powder foundation provides the same kind of coverage as a liquid foundation, but settles into a natural-looking matte finish instead. It’s also quite breathable and resistant to shine. Try to outwear it and you probably won’t succeed.


2 Of These Clever Eyebrow Soap Kits For Less Than $10

Beauty snobs the world over are still wild about the soap brow craze, and this set of two eyebrow soap kits will give you natural-looking, feathery brows like that. Simply dip one of the spoolie brushes — each push-open kit comes with two — into the brow pomade, then flick the brush upward along your brows. The result? Full, feathery brows that stay in place all day long, even through intense workouts and rain showers.


This Best-Selling Protein Treatment That Helps Repair Damaged Hair

This protein treatment currently boasts over 20,000 positive ratings on Amazon, and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, it’ll only take you less than $10 to find out. Specifically designed for damaged or over-processed hair, the at-home treatment uses collagen and ceramides to nourish and refresh your dried-out strands after just one use. After shampooing, simply apply the treatment to areas of your hair that need some love, rinse it out after 20 minutes, and behold the truly extraordinary results.


A Setting Powder That Works Gorgeously On Dark Skin Tones

Black Radiance’s True Complexion Loose Setting Powder, which comes in three shades, can be used to set your makeup, bake your makeup, or soak up excess oil. Ideal for darker skin tones, these blend out like a dream and have a lightweight, silky feel. Best of all? The powder won’t show up in photos (as long as it’s blended out properly). As far as loose setting powders go, you can’t do much better for under $10.


These Stunning Eyeshadow Palettes That Somehow Cost Less Than $10

Feeling bold? Then go ahead and give this eyeshadow palette from Revlon a try. Available in seven dramatic color schemes, each of the palette’s four shades have an easy-to-blend, bouncy texture that glides on easily and settles into a crystal-like finish. You can mix and layer the smudge-proof shadow wet or dry, with or without a brush. One thing’s for sure: No one will believe you spent less than $10 on Amazon to achieve such a show-stopping look.

Fun fact: Even professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is a fan of these gorgeous palettes.


A Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo To Maintain Your Ice-Blonde Hair

As effective as they are, purple shampoos aren’t exactly a rare breed. Sulfate-free purple shampoos, on the other hand? Rare, indeed — and nearly impossible to find for less than $20. L’Oreal comes to the rescue with their best-selling purple toning shampoo, which can be used to eliminate unwanted brassy undertones in blonde, gray, silver, and even brown hair for just $7. A true must-have for bleach blondes who like to keep their hair looking icy, though it’s handy for people with highlights, too.


The Super-Skinny Brow Pencil Endorsed By Over 30,000 Shoppers On Amazon

This best-selling brow pencil from NYX works just as well as its similarly designed counterparts that cost double, or even triple, the price. Offered in seven shades, it boasts an ultra-skinny precision tip on one side and a fluffy spoolie brush on the other. Over 30,000 Amazon shoppers (and several TZR editors) are fans.


An Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse That Refreshes & Restores Your Hair

It strengthens and clarifies, balances and restores. Honestly what can’t this apple cider vinegar rinse do? Designed to refresh and repair damaged hair of all textures — thick and curly hair types especially — the rinse works to remove product buildup and soothe your scalp, resulting in shiner, softer, and ultimately healthier hair. Apple cider vinegar also acts as a natural detangler, so the rinse makes combing and styling your hair a breeze, too. Use twice a week instead of your regular shampoo for amazing results.


This Clever Mascara With A Built-In Primer On The Other End

Long, voluminous lashes come easy with this double-sided mascara and primer. Coat your lashes with the performance-enhancing primer first, wait 30 seconds, then flip the tube around and use the clump-resistant mascara to build lashes that soar. The mascara’s brush bristles are specifically designed to separate each of your lashes for a look that’s decidedly natural, but still dramatically long. This mascara has even won awards from publications like PEOPLE — in other words, it’s totally beauty-snob approved.


A Cult-y Japanese Blush That Melts Right Into Your Skin

This cult-favorite cream blush from the delightful, Tokyo-based line CANMAKE promises to give you a “unique sparkle” — or more precisely, a radiant, dewy flush. Each little blush palette contains a unique, melted gel formula that feels silky to touch, then dries immediately upon application to give your skin a smooth, radiant sheen. Infused with amino acids and moisturizing squalane, the cream blush also delivers long-lasting wear and won’t dry you out. Perhaps best of all, the product guarantees that there won’t be any difference between the color on your cheeks and the color of your palette: The color you see is the color you get. For less than $10, what more could you need?


This Best-Selling Dry Shampoo That’s A Fan-Favorite For A Reason

This product has dubbed itself the world’s number-one dry shampoo for a reason — no, multiple reasons. As evidenced by countless Into The Gloss Top Shelf interviews and social media posts, Batiste dry shampoo is a bonafide fan-favorite, even among beauty snobs. Its waterless formula contains keratin now, too, so the best-seller is all the more effective at absorbing your hair’s natural oils between washes and giving it some lift. With its exhilarating, fruity scent and super-cheap price point, this is definitely one of those rare, cheap miracle workers that everyone should own.


A Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick That Actually Nourishes Your Lips

This vegan lipstick goes on like a gloss and dries down into a smooth matte finish, but, being infused with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil, it won’t dry you out (though it’ll still last you up to 12 hours). The affordable $13 price tag makes this up-and-coming lipstick all the more appealing. How could you not become a fan?


This Iconic Drugstore Bronzer That Applies Like Butter

For a moisture-rich glow that’s no more than $10, you can’t go wrong with the Murumuru Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula — a bonafide cult-favorite if there ever was one. Infused with nourishing, plant-based butters and oils, the bronzer not only keeps your skin soft and hydrated, but delivers a shimmery finish that lasts all day long. Use it with the tiny makeup brush included, or your own fluffy powder brush or makeup sponge; either way, this iconic pressed powder is super easy to blend and build.


This Nourishing Hair Mist That’s As Light As Water

Don’t even think about styling your hair without spraying it with this nourishing hair mist first. With its unique blend of botanicals, oils, and amino acids, this pro-favorite spray is designed to nourish, strengthen, and soften hair of all textures without making it feel heavy or weighed down. It also acts as a detangler for thicker hair types and helps protect color-treated hair from fading. Oh, and who could resist that invigorating, pomegranate scent?


This Cheap Liquid Highlighter That Makes Your Skin Glow

Now here’s a product that vows to keep you looking radiant, even after a sleepless night. For a mere $6, that’s a promise worth exploring. Infused with nourishing ingredients like murumuru aeed butter, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E, Wet n’ Wild’s Megaglo Liquid Highlighter goes on smoothly, moisturizes your skin, and uses lustrous pearl pigments to give you a shimmery glow. You can mix the highlighter with your foundation first or save it as a best-for-last makeup topper. You’ll get a long-lasting, iridescent finish either way.


A Texturizing Spray That Keeps Your Hair Safe From The Sun

Meet your new favorite beach buddy. Sun Bum’s texturizing spray contains a mix of sea salt, sea kelp, and sunflower seed oil to protect your hair while you’re out in the sun and give it some movement. The spray’s medium hold allows you to build the style you want, but also creates carefree, beachy waves that won’t look too done. It couldn’t be easier to use, either: Simply shake it, spray it, tousle, and go. You won’t want to face another hot day without it.


The Best Concealer You Can Buy For Under $10

It’s not often that you can rely on 24-hour coverage from a concealer that’s less than $10, but NYX’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Contour Concealer happens to be that rare find. Available in over 20 shades, this creamy concealer can be tapped into your skin with your fingers or blended out with a sponge for a smooth, matte finish that lasts all day long (and then some). You can use it for contouring and brightening, too.


This Clever Lash Comb That Takes The Clumps Out Of Your Mascara

After you’re done applying your makeup, run this eyelash comb curler through your lashes. Its curved shape is designed to fit the contours of your eyes, where it separates and defines your lashes so your mascara looks a lot more natural. You can use it before applying mascara, too, which will help ensure that every last lash gets coated without becoming clumpy. A no-brainer buy for anyone who wears eye makeup.


A Water-Like Tint For Your Lips & Cheeks

This K-beauty wonder comes in a slew of rich, fruity colors that are sure to brighten both your pout and your mood. Packed with pomegranate and grapefruit extracts, this moisture-rich water tint not only hydrates your lips but also delivers a semi-matte finish that lasts, minus the stickiness. Apply the tint evenly over your lips for a fuller look, or just dab it onto to the center of your pout first for an edgy, gradient effect. This works nicely as a lightweight blush, too.


This Setting Spray That Makes Your Skin Look Radiant, Not Flat

Packed with antioxidants and peptides, this weightless setting spray is designed to boost the longevity of your makeup and give your skin a healthy glow. Simply hold the mist 6 to 8 inches away from your face when you’re done applying your makeup, spray once or twice to set it, and be amazed at how long it lasts. Best $12 you’ve ever spent? Could be.


America’s Most Beloved Drugstore Concealer

The perfect concealer doesn’t exist — OK wait, this concealer stick from Maybelline could very well be perfect. For starters, it’s amassed over 100,000 positive ratings on Amazon and costs less than $10 (it’s also purportedly the best-selling concealer in America). The full-coverage treatment features a soft, cushioned tip for easy application, and since it’s nice and creamy, it appears radiant on your skin — never dry or cakey. You can use it to conceal, contour, brighten, and highlight, so you may want to pick up a few shades.


A Color-Depositing Conditioner That Comes In Both Bold & Natural Colors

If you’re looking to keep your color-treated hair vibrant between salon visits, Keracolor’s Clenditioner Hair Dye is your solution. With over 40,000 positive ratings on Amazon, the best-selling conditioner can be used to either refresh your existing color, or, if your hair is on the lighter side, to give you a completely new look. For the best results, apply the conditioner evenly throughout wet or dry hair, let it sit for up to 20 minutes, then rinse. After just once use, you’ll wonder how it’s possibly going for as cheap as $22.


The Drugstore Mascara That Pros Swear By

You’d typically expect your mascara to deliver on the volume, but up to five times the thickness of your natural lashes? The buildable, L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara promises to get you there — and for a mere $7. Available in an unexpectedly broad range of colors that go way beyond your standard black or brown — deep green, Burgundy, and cobalt blue are all on offer here — this clump-resistant miracle worker is designed to soften your lashes and provide them with the exact amount of thickness you’re going for, since it’s easy to build. No wonder it’s favored by professionals and celebrities.


A Gorgeous, High-Quality Blush With A Shimmery Finish

Could this baked blush be any more fun? Even the snobs say, probably not. From the Italian-inspired (but Los Angeles-based) cosmetic line, Milani, these tiny, buildable blushes are designed to highlight and define your bone structure while leaving behind a shimmery (or matte, depending on the shade you choose) wash of color. Each blush includes a mini-mirror and a brush — for less than $10, that’s a downright steal.

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