High-flying couple gets married on Southwest flight to Phoenix

It was a wedding to remember for Pam and Jeremy Salda.

PHOENIX — An Oklahoma City couple was supposed to have a Vegas wedding, but when their flight was canceled they decided to get married high in the sky.

Pam Salda never imagined her wedding would involve so many strangers on a Southwest flight. But now, she and her husband Jeremy Salda wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It was just sweet and special, and everything just fell into place so effortlessly,” said Pam.

The couple met on Bumble the first summer of the pandemic.

“I met Jeremy on my first ever Bumble date and I knew he was the one. I knew,” said Pam.

From there the Oklahoma City couple’s love grew. They got engaged a year and a half later in Cancun.

They plan on having their wedding in Cabo in May but had to get a U.S. wedding certificate to make it official.

When TSA dropped the mask mandate, they decided it was a perfect opportunity to fly to Vegas that weekend and get hitched.

“We were just going to pop out there. You know, spend a couple of days coming back. Not tell anyone to be a fun getaway. And boy did it go a little bit differently,” said Pam.

The couple came to the airport with their wedding clothes on to make it to Vegas as soon as they got off the plane. But the flight got canceled during a Texas layover, making their timely arrival to Vegas unlikely.

 A fellow passenger with tickets on the canceled flight happened to be an ordained minister. He agreed to do the ceremony. From there, the three rushed to the airport to make the next flight to Vegas. But because of the Phoenix layover, it became clear they weren’t going to make their wedding ceremony in time.

“Pam goes, ‘I don’t think we’re gonna make it. But, you know, we may just decide to do it right here on the plane.’ And he’s [the pilot] like, ‘Really?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, and he’s like, okay, let’s do it,'” said Jeremy.

So the two said “I do” as they crossed Arizona instead, making for a memorable moment for everyone involved.

“One of the passengers had this little 6×9 spiral notebook. And she ripped out the pages that she had written in and says, here’s your guestbook,” said Jeremy.

They eventually made it to Vegas. Now they have an even better story to tell.

VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: Pareja se casa en pleno vuelo a Phoenix después de que varias cancelaciones arruinaran sus planes de boda

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