Holden Timeless Beauty takes multilayered approach to skin care

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At Holden Timeless Beauty, Dr. Amanda Holden seeks to help people “age agelessly” with a three-pronged approach: using measures to prevent signs of aging before they appear, treating the signs that have appeared, and creating a wellness plan to improve one’s appearance from the inside out.

The clinic has six offices across San Diego and Riverside counties, including at 1010 Pearl St. in La Jolla.

In the “prevention zone,” Holden Timeless Beauty says it offers minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures such as Botox and micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, which encourages the body to make more collagen.

“So instead of having fine lines and wrinkles to get rid of, they never appear,” Holden said. “We take a proactive approach to the aging process. We also have … medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses on board to promote the health of your skin.”

Should treatment be needed for signs of aging that are already present, Holden said there are surgical and non-surgical options to yield natural-looking results. “There is a fear of looking overdone, and we have taken an entirely different approach,” she said. “We teach injecting less and natural correction so people don’t know that the patient has had work done. The goal is not to make you look like a different person, but appear refreshed.”

For the body, Holden Timeless Beauty uses machines such as EMSculpt Neo, EMTone and EMSella that can custom-sculpt someone’s body in multiple areas to decrease fat, rebuild muscle mass that diminishes with age and help tone certain muscle groups.

In coming months, the practice is launching a minimally invasive liposuction and fat-transfer option. “It takes the fat from your own body and puts it somewhere like the face or the breasts, so if someone doesn’t want a filler, there is a natural option,” Holden said.

“The goal is not to make you look like a different person, but appear refreshed.”

Dr. Amanda Holden

Holden Timeless Beauty recently added a wellness division and can “optimize hormone levels with plant-based hormones,” she said. “We want to address whatever it is the client is concerned with. There is no cookie-cutter approach. We use a 21st-century model where everyone is a VIP. We want to reach all age groups, genders, ethnicities.”

Holden, who has a book coming out this year, said the mission of her clinic is to be “the global industry leader … for delivering health care in medical aesthetics. … We want our patients to know we are here for them, and our goal for patients is to teach them to age in a whole new way and trust the provider to address the things that are bothering them. … We want to let them know what is safe and available.”

The result is often a boost in confidence, she said.

“Everyone looks in the mirror and sees something they want adjusted. They aren’t being hypercritical, but if there was a solution to those few things that keep them from walking around with more confidence, why wouldn’t they take it?” Holden said. “People say they can’t believe they didn’t discover these options sooner.”

Learn more at (760) 274-3160 or holdentimelessbeauty.com.

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