How Much Can You Make as a Wedding Planner?

A wedding is one of the most important events in someone’s life. Unfortunately, planning one is a serious challenge. After all, coordinating even a small number of people for something can be complicated and time-consuming. Never mind coordinating the kind of numbers that can show up for a wedding. On top of this, people tend to have a very understandable desire to make their wedding as perfect as possible. Something that means using even more time and effort. The services of a wedding planner are a very convenient solution for people who could use some assistance with making their wedding as perfect as possible. Such individuals can speak with the latter about what they want before proceeding to come up with a plan based on those wants. Thanks to this, wedding planners can give interested individuals great peace of mind while working to ensure that everything works out as it is supposed to. Theoretically speaking, people can plan their weddings on their own. In practice, seeking out a wedding planner tends to be the smarter and more sensible option in most cases. Combined with the fact that so many people would like to get married at some point in time, this means that the services of a wedding planner can be quite in demand.

What Can Wedding Planners Expect to Make?

Having said that, wedding planner is one of those roles that can see a fair amount of range in their earnings. For starters, interested individuals should know that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t track wedding planners on their own. Instead, it includes wedding planners with other meeting, convention, and event planners, which is reasonable because said individuals provide similar services in dissimilar contexts. In 2021, the median annual earnings for meeting, convention, and event planners were $49,470. As such, half of these people earned less than this figure while half of these people earned more than this figure. For extra context, it is useful to point out that the bottom 10 percent earned less than $30,170 while the top 10 percent earned more than $96,230.

There is much that can be said about wedding planners based on these numbers. To name an example, the median annual earnings aren’t outrageously good. However, they are a bit better than average, seeing as how the median annual earnings for every profession as a whole were $45,760 over the same period of time. Similarly, these numbers suggest that while most meeting, convention, and event planners aren’t too far away from the median annual earnings, there is nonetheless a small portion of them who can make much higher sums than that. Of course, these numbers don’t say everything about what people should know about being a wedding planner. Due to this, it is a good idea for interested individuals to look further into the matter. By doing so, they should be able to get a much better understanding of things than otherwise possible, which in turn, should enable them to make a much better decision about it than otherwise possible. For a taste of the kind of things that interested individuals might want to look into, they should know that wedding planners don’t necessarily stick to 40 hours on a weekly basis. Some might work fewer hours while others might work more hours. However, the fact of the matter is that it is very common for them to work more hours when something big is coming up so that they can make sure that everything gets done on time. Indeed, it isn’t uncommon for them to work on the weekends as well as other times that tend to be seen as off-time by other professions if necessary. Something that can be quite important for a lot of interested individuals out there.


Unsurprisingly, location has a huge impact on what wedding planners make. In turn, this can be divided up into a couple of sub-factors. One, some places are more expensive than others, meaning that a wide range of products and services are sold at higher prices than at less expensive locations. Two, some locations have more people, which in turn, means that some locations have more weddings. For wedding planners, this means more opportunities to make money. As such, if people want to make the most money on this career path, they might want to seek out the cities rather than smaller municipalities.


In this as in everything else, people can improve their ability to do things by actually doing those things. Becoming more experienced can provide wedding planners with various benefits. For example, they can run their business in a more effective manner, which can make them much more liked by their clients than otherwise possible. Similarly, they can run their business in a more efficient manner, thus enabling them to squeeze out cost savings without having any detrimental effect on their ability to help out their clients.


On a related note, reputation is very important. Over time, a successful wedding planner will build up a better and better reputation for themselves. In turn, this will enable them to charge higher prices than those who are just starting out. After all, their reputation serves to reassure interested individuals that their services as a wedding planner are actually worth those prices. Something that is extremely important because most people won’t have much familiarity with specific wedding planners but nonetheless have very strong incentives to choose someone who can get everything done right.

Products and Services

The offerings of a wedding planner can seem very straightforward. After all, their role is made clear by their name. However, it is very much possible for wedding planners to get paid more by their clients by providing them with more products and services. For instance, a lot of them will rent out necessary equipment, which can save them the trouble of going to another service provider. Similarly, a lot of wedding planners have multiple personnel working with them at their businesses, thus enabling them to work with more than one client at the same time. That can have a huge effect on how much utility they can provide and thus how much revenue they can bring in.

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