How to Cost Costume Jewellery in a Flea Marketplace

Flea markets are a wonderful position to provide low-cost costume jewellery. If you have vintage costume jewellery, you are almost certainly greater off providing them by means of other channels. Most consumers in flea marketplaces are not aiming to spend a great deal of dollars on unique products. Far more typically than not purchasers have a normal concept of how much they intend to invest in a flea industry and that would not involve expending on substantial stop vintage costume jewelry. You can possibly increase your margins selling them in other areas.

Having said that, flea marketplaces are however excellent locations to market your jewelry pieces. If you set up a jewellery booth, you are possible to offer a lot more volume on good excellent and rather priced products.

Down below are a handful of ideas location up a costume jewelry booth in a flea industry:


Nearly all sorts of costume jewellery can be offered in a flea sector. You might arrive across products that you can provide from low cost retailers, clearance profits, thrift retailers and even garage product sales. Even though these don’t provide a continual or trustworthy source of products and solutions to offer, you can also purchase directly from wholesalers and importers of costume jewelry. A number of advantages of buying your items from an importer or wholesaler is their reliability in giving you with jewelry that have normally handed through good quality regulate and can supply parts in bulk.

Pricing and Tagging

Make absolutely sure that you will not above-cost your pieces. You can do this by examining the rate of the identical or identical parts in the very same flea marketplace or encompassing parts. Meanwhile never beneath-cost your things as perfectly. Make confident you protect your fixed fees these types of as booth rental, electrical energy, hired help and even your time. This need to give you an thought of your volume crack-even stage and the mark-up that you place on each individual piece.

Make sure all your jewelry pieces are in great condition and clear. You can connect the piece to a card and stick on your selling price. One more way to tag your piece is by attaching a sting through the loop of the jewelry. Either way, make absolutely sure that the pieces are secure in a presentable way.

Placing Up

Trays are wonderful for exhibiting your jewellery parts. The draw back to using just trays is the quantity of house that it normally takes up on your table. Every time achievable, use stand or hook more substantial parts like bib necklaces on walls. Jewellery stands are accessible on-line or as a result of show providers.

You also will not want to scare away clients by in excess of decorating. It is usually a great concept to have your booth decorated neatly. Owning some colour helps as it differentiates your booth between the other other individuals.

Another tip is to have, when doable, a sign board. The indication must point out exactly what you are promoting, in this situation costume jewelry. The indicator usually draws in notice in a sea of several other booths devoid of signs.

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