How to get smudge free stamping nail art?

How to get smudge free stamping nail art?

 After spending hours on stamping nail art, you want to avoid smudging it, especially with a top coat. When it is not done right, a single top coat swipe often damages the stamping nail art. It is one of the worst feelings. I have also faced it quite often, and even now it happens sometimes. But after months of trial and error, I have found the perfect products that help me in getting nice nail art. And some basic things that you must follow to prevent the polish from smudging the nail art. Let’s begin!

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1. Let the nail art dry!

The most common mistake while doing nail art is applying layers while the previous one is wet. This will make your nail polish or stamping pattern prone to smudges and cracks. Your nail art will also look sloppy. Make sure to let each layer dry well. Also, try not to apply the top coat immediately after stamping. Give it a few minutes to dry and settle on the nail. 

2. Choose non-smudge top coats!

Instead of buying a regular top coat, always get a non-smudge top coat. And it should be quick drying too. Brands like Born Pretty, Maniology, and Jaquline USA have some non-smudge top coats. 

3. Be careful with Matte top coats!

Most of the matte top coats smudge the stamping polish leaving a streaky look behind. If your matte top coat is doing it, try to apply a quick-drying top coat first and follow it with matte. This will seal your design and keep it safe from smudges. I use Jaquline USA and Born pretty matte top coats which do not damage the design.

4. Never drag the applicator brush!

Some people drag the applicator while applying the top coat on the nail. This can disturb the stamping pattern causing smudge. Try to take a little more top coat and glide the applicator brush gently. This will help in avoiding all kinds of smudges. 

Non-Smudging Top Coats


 Here is the video tutorial for getting smudge-free nail art!


I hope you like all these suggestions and will try them. If you have any trick to prevent smudging of nail art, tell me all about it in the comments!

Lots of Love!!!


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