Intere-sting! Jellyfish hair is making waves within the cosmetic global

Somewhat bit mullet, just a little bit hime: we take a deep dive investigation into the countercultural coiffure

  1. THE LOOK: A multi-layered blunt however swish taste. The highest layers of hair are reduce right into a 360-degree bob, while the below layer on the nape of the neck is left lengthy growing the silhouette of a jellyfish
  2. WHO’S DOING IT? Nicole Kidman introduced consideration to the glance at the duvet of Highest Mag, but it surely has been a well-liked countercultural taste in Tokyo, London and Taiwan for lots longer
  3. HOW CAN I GET IT? If you’re in London, head over to Keisuke Watari. There’s additionally the hair salon OOO-ing Studio in Taichung, Taiwan, or the hair dressmaker RAKUTO in Tokyo. Alternately, carry numerous inspo pics on your native salon

The 2020s have already noticed the revival of the mullet, the shag and the hime reduce. Now, jellyfish hair is making waves on the net.

The manner changed into a trending matter ultimate week when Nicole Kidman experimented with the glance in her duvet shoot for Highest Mag. Courtesy of Evanie Frausto, the actress wore an auburn wig reduce into brief layers to border her face on the entrance, with lengthy instantly hair descending down her again. The glance is very similar to ultimate 12 months’s hime reduce worn by way of musicians like Blackpink’s Lisa and the Haim sisters. The manner originated right through the traditional Heian duration in Japan and has since been replicated all through trendy Eastern tradition. While hime haircuts are known by way of the 2 brief sections reduce in entrance of the ears, the extra avant-garde jellyfish reduce marks the entire spectrum of mullet evolution. 

To create the jellyfish taste, the highest layers of hair are reduce right into a 360-degree bob, while the below layer on the nape of the neck is left lengthy. The combo of the 2 lengths mimics the silhouette of a jellyfish, with its rounded head and flowing tentacles. It provides off an “I don’t care what you suppose” vibe, superstar hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai explains. “It’s virtually punk in a way, and is an inventive model of a mullet paying homage to Vidal Sassoon’s bold and impressive asymmetrical hairstyles.”

We ceaselessly see shifts against bolder cosmetic developments after crucial historic occasions, and post-pandemic isn’t any other. After just about two years in lockdown clear of the hair salons, we’re yearning creativity, rejecting uniformity and embracing a DIY aesthetic. The jellyfish haircut attracts on a spread of references to encapsulate our present cosmetic tradition – pulling from the previous while nonetheless being very a lot of the current. It takes the punk angle of the 80s mullet, the carefree chaos of the 70s shag and the creativity of early 00s scene hair – raccoon or skunk colouring are ceaselessly part of the glance. Those components of our historic cosmetic language translate to a mode that speaks to political disillusion, rise up in opposition to conformity and a continuation of early web experiments in self-expression. 

“The Jellyfish coiffure used to be common within the 00s in Taiwan,” says hair salon OOO-ing Studio, house to stylists reminiscent of Wesley, Would possibly and Mild whose interpretations of the manner have won 1000’s of likes on-line. “Now, within the age of the web, we will be able to take inspiration from the popular culture of the previous and fuse it with modernity to increase our inventive ideas. It creates room for play in hair styling, and jellyfish hair displays simply one of the crucial probabilities this period can carry to the sector.”

Similar to the Hime reduce, the jellyfish hair fashion could also be a made from our expanding globalisation. “It displays us that the limits between East Asian and Western hair developments are dissipating,” says hairstylist Keisuke. “This fashion is all-encompassing, resonating with other people world wide.”

As we are living our lives increasingly more on-line, we’re changing into extra drawn to those unconventional kinds as a way to make our virtual selves extra visual in a supersaturated house, and we’re best getting extra inventive as we attempt to specific our individuality. Tokyo hair dressmaker RAKUTO describes jellyfish hair as “countercultural”. An extension of the bizarre woman aesthetic, the jellyfish reduce supplies an antidote to the perfectionism of the airwrapped blank woman glance, and the hyper-feminine cosmetic beliefs of Pinterest plaits or IG baddie extensions. It represents a much wider transfer clear of binary cosmetic beliefs and against a extra gender-fluid strategy to self-styling; a rejection of homogeneity and carbon replica influencer tradition. Even the detest feedback directed at this taste supply perception into the tradition it rallies in opposition to. “This looks as if unhealthy hair extensions anyone has attempted to use themselves”, says one on-line remark. However in all probability that’s a part of the attraction? While some pictures of the manner going viral were skillfully created by way of pros, lots of the ones embracing the reduce are taking a DIY manner. 

“I reduce and dyed it myself, so it’s no longer best possible!” says TikTok person Mari Trombley (@sillyyerba) whose movies function maximum prominently within the jellyfish coiffure’s 1.6 billion perspectives at the platform. Jellyfish hair is usually a reclamation of imperfection and the prescriptive beliefs of femininity, giving the wearer the most efficient of each worlds (lengthy and brief hair) while offering a plethora of the way to taste. Trombley posts the numerous techniques she wears her jellyfish hair, from braiding the lengthy strands into stars, growing free pigtails or clipping all of her hair again right into a claw clip. Many of those movies cite anime characters reminiscent of Yuna from Ultimate Delusion as the muse for the manner, demonstrating our expanding belief of our IRL and URL selves as characters in a position for crafting.

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