Internet Backs Family Refusing to Replace Delivery Boy’s Shoes After Stepping in Dog Feces

A post has gone viral after a Redditor explained a recent confrontation between her and a local pizza restaurant.

Redditor, axthetix wrote about the experience on the subreddit “Am I The A**hole” in a post that has now been voted on over 11,000 times.

Axthetix explained that over the weekend she ordered two pizza pies from a local restaurant. About 25 minutes later, she went outside to receive the meal but was met with a very unhappy delivery driver.

“I never would have expected the delivery boy to walk through the grass. He did. Once he got to the door he began complaining that he stepped in dog poop and that his new shoes were ruined,” the Redditor wrote. “I looked at his shoes, and he indeed had dog [s**t] on them.”

The Redditor said she allows for her dogs to do their business on the front lawn and because of that has signs indicating for guests not to walk across the grass.

In October, another dog-poop-related post went viral on the site when a Redditor claimed that he used a golf club to chip his neighbors’ dog’s poop back into their yard, Newsweek reported.

The Redditor, ExplodedBrief, explained that after moving into his home he began to notice his neighbor’s dog had been relieving itself on the lawn. When he tried to bring it up to his neighbor, they laughed it off and pointed the finger at another pet.

From there, after catching the neighbor’s dog on camera, the plan hatched and he began hitting the droppings over the fence.

Axthetix said that after complaining about his “ruined shoes,” the delivery driver proceeded to insist that the Redditor pay for a new pair.

“I tried to hand him the cash and get the pizzas, but he refused. He told me I needed to pay for the shoes to be replaced as they were around $120. I laughed in his face,” she wrote.

“Thinking he must’ve been joking, I brushed it off and once again tried to get the pizzas. He didn’t budge and told me that he was taking the pizzas back and would be back to get the money later.”

A Redditor wrote in a now-viral post that she and her husband refused to pay for their pizza delivery driver’s shoes after he stepped in poop on their lawn. Here, this stock image shoes a delivery person holding two pizza boxes.
vgajic/Getty Images

She said the situation escalated when the delivery driver returned later again insisting on payment for the shoes. Her husband joined her at the door and then called the restaurant to explain to them what happened. To their surprise, the owner of the restaurant, who ended up being the driver’s father, sided with him and said they needed to pay up.

“If you don’t pay my son for his replacement shoes, your address will be blacklisted from our restaurant,” she recalled the owner saying.

She said the driver proceeded to argue with them for over an hour until she threatened to call the cops if he did not leave. She said he then parked his car near their house, technically not their property, so the police could not do anything about it.

“I’m very uncomfortable,” she wrote.

Axthetix told Newsweek over Reddit that the driver drove past their house Sunday night a few times, last seeing him around 3 a.m. She said a few cars drove by her home and it was the same car each time.

Commenters supported the Redditor and questioned why the delivery driver was even wearing such experience shoes to work.

“Seriously NTA,” one commenter wrote. “Have you ever worked in a pizza restaurant? Why would you wear 120 dollar shoes to a place where grease and cheese and oil is FLYING EVERYWHERE??…”

“NTA,” another commenter agreed. “The number of times I’ve washed dog [s**t] off my shoes is higher than I can count. If the dude can’t wash his shoes, he shouldn’t wear them across people’s muddy lawns.”

Others, though, criticized the Redditor wondering why there was poop on her lawn in the first place.

She explained that it had been raining and cold recently delaying when she would typically clean up after the dogs.

“I have the sign for multiple reasons, poop included,” she said in a response to a critical comment. “I don’t want people walking in my grass. I have 4 massive dogs and I can’t always keep up with the [s**t] they take.”

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