Jessica Alba on her must-have beauty product — and the trend she won’t try again

Jessica Alba on her must-have beauty product — and the trend she won’t try again

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When you think Jessica Alba, you undoubtably think of her acting. The A-lister has been in everything from action-packed flicks like the “Fantastic Four” to romcom’s like “Valentine’s Day.” But beyond the silver screen, she is also behind the flourishing eco-friendly goods company, The Honest Company, which she founded in 2012.

Now the brand is adding more products to its repertoire with the launch of its Fresh Flex Concealer. We sat down with the actress and entrepreneur who told us all about it, plus her go-to skin care routine, the beauty advice she gives to her daughters – and the one social media trend she wouldn’t try again.

To start her day, Alba says her beauty process is pretty minimal — just a quick five-minute routine using products from her Honest Beauty brand. But the actor’s secret to feeling confident in her skin doesn’t start with her morning makeup.

“When I workout whether it’s you know yoga or it’s a spin class or you know interval training whatever I just feel connected to my body and it makes me feel strong, and I have to say meditating just helps me connect with my heart and shut off a lot of the chatter in my head and ground me,” she told us. “And then I drink lots of water.”

“So, those three things,” she continued. “Obviously having great beauty products and sleeping really helps but you do have to, I think, practice those holistic things that make you healthy, otherwise it doesn’t really matter what kind of cream or makeup you have.”

In addition to keeping your body healthy, the mom-of-three stressed the importance of consistency when it comes to your routine — which is the No. 1 piece of advice she shares with her children.

“I would say my No. 1 beauty advice for my kids is just being consistent since their skin is going to be changing with hormones. It’s super important to just stay on top of that skin care.”

But Alba isn’t the only one giving out advice in her household. She told us that her 13-year-old daughter, Honor, actually taught her about a new “puppy dog eyeliner” hack popular on social media that Alba now uses. The hack, which is designed to make your eyes appear larger by lining the bottom lid and slanting the top eyeliner line down instead of up like a traditional cat-eye, has taken off on TikTok recently.

“I grew up with really only the liner emphasis on the top of the lid,” Alba said. “So that’s fun to kind of experiment and play with that.”

However, when it comes to TikTok trends, Alba will likely stick to her daughter’s recommendations instead of trying them out alone after her attempt at the trendy “tantouring” didn’t go according to plan.

“I tried the self-tanner at night with a brush and like you contour with a self-tanner and then wake up in the morning,” Alba said. “I don’t have the best luck with it. I looked really nuts, it was patchy, it wasn’t good.”

Though, Alba is always open to learning new things. For example, a trick her she learned from a makeup artist involving concealer that she still uses to this day.

“There are different parts of your face that you’re going to want to shade a little bit differently,” Alba said, noting she uses different shades of concealer to highlight portions of her face. “Around my hairline is usually kind of the darkest, under my eyes and up sort of in my T-zone I like it to be a little bit brighter.” She then uses the shade closest to her skin tone for her cheeks and everywhere else.

Fresh Flex Concealer

Alba, who calls concealer as her must-have beauty item, and her brand launched the Fresh Flex Concealer this month. It comes in 16 shades and is designed to be buildable. According to the brand, it is made with skin-friendly and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and niacinamide.

“The one product I would say I always have in my bag is definitely concealer for touch ups,” Alba said. “I have dark circles naturally, they run in my family, I was born with them.”

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