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One of my favourite TV series from all time is The Vampire Diaries. During its 8 seasons, they go through the love story between Elena, originally a human being, and the Salvatore brothers, Stephan and Damon, who are vampires. This series shows different types of creatures like warewolves, witches, doppelgangers and, of course, vampires. I was excited when I came to know about Lottie London’s new launch. It is the Lottie x The Vampire Diaries collection.

I tried to buy most of the products as soon as I could but unfortunately, they were out of stock and I need to wait for a few days to order. I finally bought most of the collection and I would like to show you the products and share with you my first thoughts about them.

Lottie x The Vampire Diaries Collection

Lottie London recently launched a collaboration with the TV series The Vampire Diaries. The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, a blush, lipstick, a lip tint, eyeliner and two face pens, one in red and the other in silver. This is a limited edition that any fan of the series will love to have. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The packaging of each product shows the brand name, Lottie London, and the series name, The Vampire Diaries. The series name is the logo with the drop of blood dripping from the V. You can also read in all the products “Love Sucks” which is the subheading of the series. Let’s see all the products in this collection.

Lottie x The Vampire diaries – pH colour changing Blush

At the first sight, this blush seems scary. It is a cream blush in the shade witchcraft, which is…… black!!!!! The first thing I thought was “a black blush????” but then I carefully read the description, pH colour changing. This blush looks black but the colour changes in contact with the skin. And something important, the shade may not be the same for different people.

On my skin, this blush is a powdery rose, a nice shade for autumn. It is not highly pigmented, but I prefer this. This low pigmentation allows me to apply a soft touch of colour or apply a few layers for a deeper look. It is a matte blush but it does not seem to dry the skin in the swatches.

pH Colour Changing Blush

Using the power of the moon to transform your blush from a deep haunting black to a flourishing pink! The limited-edition pH colour-changing blush is creamy in texture and finishes while remaining ultra-hydrating and seductive. Fool all your enemies with this transformative blush.


pH colour-changing Lipstick

The idea of this lipstick is the same as the blush. This is a black lipstick which changes the colour in contact with the lips. I’ve seen this type of lipstick before but normally changes from yellow, green or blue to pink. This one attracts me because it changes from black.

On my skin (I mean in the swatch) the colour matches the blush but it is a bit more intense. Applied on the lips it is a raspberry shade, very natural. It has a gloss finish and obviously transfers, but that is expected from the type of product. This product is perfect for a natural look.

pH Colour Changing Lipstick

The transformative power of love is ever present in this mind-blowing colour-changing lipstick. Using the power of your natural skin pH level, the lipstick will transform from a black bullet to a stunning truly unique shade of pink that compliments your natural skin tone.


Lottie x The Vampire Diaries – Blood Drip Lip Tint

This product is a lip tint which looks like lip oil with blood inside. I think this lip tint is the product which describes better describes the full collection (vampires drink blood, this product looks like blood,….). Before applying it I think that it will make your lips look like you were drinking blood.

You should shake it well before using it to mix the oil and the red pigments. It comes with a gloss applicator. The application is strange. When you apply it (on the skin as well as on the lips) it looks as if you are bleeding, it forms like small drops which separate from each other. Then, when you extend it with your fingers, you get an even application. It is really weird.

This lip tint leaves a pale red colour on your lips. The taste and smell remind me of some candies I use to eat when I was a kid in Spain, the Dracula candies. They used to leave a similar colour on your lips and tongue.

I feel this product is hydrating and I think it could complement my lip care routine. It will be a good option to carry in my bag during winter to protect my lips while giving them some colour at the same time.

Blood Drip Lip Tint

It will be love at first bite with this innovative hybrid formula that will give you that ‘just one bite’ look. With a bloodsucking red tint, this limited-edition Lip Tint gives a subtle shine while moisturising the lips and a punchy long-lasting, hydrating colour that is a non-drying for ultra-comfortable wear.


Moon Stamp Liner

This product is a dual-ended eyeliner. It is a black liquid eyeliner with two different ends. One end is a normal eyeliner with a felt tip. I tried it on my hand but I need to make a proper eyeliner to see how easy it is to use. I could see from the swatch that it is deep black, allowing you to draw different thickness strokes and it took me some time to remove.

The other end is a crescent moon. I don’t think that is something very useful, as the wing stamp which you can use daily. But I think it can be cute to stamp some crescent moons (or waxing if you apply the other way around) around your eyeliner.

This is an unnecessary product which is cute to get as part of your stash.

Moon Stamp Liner

Lottie London’s bestselling stamp liner is seeing the other side of the moon with this crescent moon addition. The dual-ended eyeliner felt pen gives you exactly what you need to get mystical this Halloween. Easy to use and intensely black with a precision tip liner allowing you to draw delicate feline flicks and dramatic (bat) wings. You’ll be howling alongside the werewolves if you miss out!


Lottie x The Vampire Diaries – Eyeshadow Palette

The palette is my favourite product from this collection. It is a 12 pans eyeshadow palette in which most of the colours are neutrals. It has, however, a few special colours. Half of the pans contain matte shades whereas the other six pans contain shimmer colours.

In the swatches, all the matte shades seem to be highly pigmented and a bit dusty. That is not a problem for me, I should keep it in mind and get the eyes ready before doing the face makeup. The shimmer shades are amazing. They are all bright and sparkly. I think they are going to be perfectly applied to the lids.

And what about the shades’ names? The matte shades are sire bond, compel, daylight ring, doppelganger, curse and impulsive. The name of the shimmer shades are fangs, mystic falls, witches, love triangle, originals and vervain. All the names will tell you something if you are a fan of this series.

Eyeshadow Palette

This limited-edition eyeshadow palette inspired by Mystic Falls has a colour combo that is to die for. With 12 highly pigmented shades, including buttery matte, foil-like metallics, and high-impact glitter finishes. This otherworldly palette will compel you to try a pop of colour while blending effortlessly to create endless smokey, vamp-inspired looks.


What I did not buy from this collection

The two products I didn’t buy are the red and silver face pens. Both are pens which allow you to draw precise lines on your face and, in the case of the silver pen, your eye area. They look fine, but I need to be honest with myself and I am sure I am not going to use any of them. Though I wanted to have the full collection (from the fan point of view) I didn’t want to spend £10 on products that I am going to store in the drawer forever. I should buy wisely and get products I will use.

What I think about the collection

The collection is more than I was expecting. I love the packaging and the products. The blush is a product I can use daily, very subtle but nice. I can say the same about the lipstick and the lip tint. The last one will allow me to re-apply during the day. I need to try the eyeliner but it looks like the type I normally use. I don’t think I will use too much the crescent side but I can use it once in a while and it is not a waste anyway as I can use it only as eyeliner.

If the palette behaves on the lids as it does on the swatches I think it is going to be one of my favourites this winter. The shades are ideal for the cold seasons and allow a day-to-day look as well as a party one.

In summary, if you are a fan of The Vampire diaries you need this collection.

Will you buy any products from this collection? Are you a fan of this series? Let me know in the comments.


CREDIT: All the pictures are from Lottie London website.

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