Men’s Fashion Trends 2022: 5 Men’s Fashion Week Looks Anyone Can Try

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Let me set the scene: You’re in Zara, you need to find a killer outfit and you have limited time to shop. You walk in feeling hopeful, but then things take an unfortunate turn. The lighting in the dressing room is bad, your options get progressively worse as you try them on and let’s be honest, you’re stress-sweating all over them anyway. This is a very common shopping scenario for me and I used to often leave feeling defeated—until I discovered the ultimate styling trick. Inspiration is usually just an escalator ride away up to the men’s section, where trends look fresh and the blazers are perfectly oversized. With my newfound love for shopping menswear in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the top 2022 men’s fashion trends that virtually anyone can wear.

It’s 2022, so the idea of gendering tops and bottoms is definitely behind us. Fashion trends in general can be worn by whoever loves what. Women’s trends tend to focus on specific pieces like opera gloves, feather trim or corset tops, and the specificity behind these trends gives them clear parameters if you want to replicate the vibe—but often leaves little room for personal styling preferences.

On the other hand, menswear trends usually follow broader themes, and are therefore widely accessible with room for personal interpretation. For example, there are so many ways to incorporate the strong structured shoulders that Prada highlighted on the Fall/Winter 2022 runway. The same can be said about the vibrant red shades favored by Etro and Bianca Saunders, or the puffy outerwear from DSquared2 and Gall. 

These menswear trends are going to be everywhere in 2022 and are sure to revamp your wardrobe for the rest of the season. Read on for the top five looks you’ll want to plan all your future outfits around.

STYLECASTER | Men's Fashion Trends 2022

Etro; Bianca Saunders/iMaxTree.

2022 fashion is all about standing out, so it’s no surprise that bold colors are being featured heavily in collections. Formal menswear usually evokes images of a navy suit or a black trench, but brands like Etro and Bianca Saunders are taking a red-hot approach.

Despite being such an intense color, red goes with pretty much everything and can easily replace any basic neutrals in your wardrobe. Start by finding a bright red layering piece like a blazer, jacket or sweater and see how many times you can incorporate it into your outfit to make it pop. Think of it like adding a little ~spice~ to your look.


STYLECASTER | Men's Fashion Trends 2022

Ernest W. Baker; Louis Vuitton/iMaxTree.

If you’ve had a hard time taking off your “I just wear this to lounge around the house” robe, especially during the cold winter months, you’ll love a robe-style jacket. Like a bathrobe, these jackets tie around the waist and the hemline typically falls just beneath the knee. A fur or leather version of the jacket will keep you cozy for the next few months, and I predict we will be seeing lightweight suede and canvas styles everywhere come spring. 


STYLECASTER | Men's Fashion Trends 2022


If you watched season 25 of The Bachelor, you’re probably aware of the fact that Bachelor Matt James wore a turtleneck on almost every single date. He therefore should get some credit for the turtleneck trend that is dominating men’s fashion. Matt made a smart fashion choice because turtlenecks look good on literally everybody and can be layered underneath any jacket.

Designers like Etro put printed, colorful and cropped turtlenecks all within one show which means that as long as you’re wearing a turtleneck of some sort, you really can’t mess up this trend.


STYLECASTER | Men's Fashion Trends 2022


A dramatic structured shoulder instantly adds power to your silhouette and is the best shape to wear when you need a little confidence boost. The Prada menswear show featured strong-shouldered jackets, sweaters and even jumpsuits in a variety of materials and hues.

A strong shoulder can make something simple—like a soft knit—seem instantly elevated. This is a relatively easy trend to DIY, too. Consider adding your own shoulder pads to an oversized blazer (you can easily find one vintage) and living out your Prada dreams. 


STYLECASTER | Men's Fashion Trends 2022

DSquared2; Gall/iMaxTree.

The functional puffer jacket has been everywhere the past two winters, and according to the men’s runway shows, we can expect to see even more puffed-up outerwear this year. The quilted material is rising in popularity with the emergence of “Gorpcore”, an aesthetic based on outdoor functionality and athletics.

Gorpcore can easily be related back to hiking apparel, but designers like DSquared2 and Gall have taken it to new heights with puffer pants, accent sleeves and even rock climbing harnesses as accessories. An easy way to jump into this trend is by pairing a quilted winter puffer jacket with your most functional hiker-style boots. 

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