New Silent Auction Concepts for Displaying Your Jewelry

New Silent Auction Concepts for Displaying Your Jewelry

Auction volunteers looking for artistic ways to display screen jewellery in the silent auction will enjoy this technique.

Most generally I see necklaces draped over a box. Sometimes it is really the exact box the piece will be packaged inside when despatched residence later with the successful bidder.

Packing containers do the job properly ample, but I lately noticed a pair of other silent auction thoughts you could use for displays.

Anyone who has listened to me talk is aware that my qualifications was performing in corporate advertising and income. I am constantly pulling ideas from that realm into the auction. This latest inspiration is no exception. In a current catalog, I spotted a couple of innovative shows together with a necklace in a significant shell and a necklace draped all over a vase.

Shells to showcase jewellery

If you check with your volunteers, undoubtedly a single has a massive scallop shell sitting in their residence. A beautiful scallop shell is a wonderful way to frame an tasteful necklace or bracelet. Curl the necklace into the shell in a serpentine condition or place the clasp place of the necklace into the shell and let the piece randomly curl out from the shell in direction of the close of your silent auction desk.

Equally I might bet a conch shell could also be an interesting base for your silent auction display. You could use the nubby and pointy parts of the shell to elevate a ring, bracelet, or other piece.

Working with shells to present your jewelry would be specially apropos if your auction theme is relevant to the seashore.

Vases to existing valuables

Who will not have a great vase sitting down at residence? Let’s put it to get the job done!

A tall vase will allow for a prolonged necklace to be displayed vertically. With a little bit of tape to secure the necklace close to the neck of the vase, your previous flower vessel can now serve as a functional and rather way to set off a long strand of pearls, stones, or glittery diamonds.

If your vase has a long, skinny neck, slide a bracelet or a stretchy-banded ring about the major. This style of vase also serves to elevate the jewellery nearer to your bidder’s eye-degree.

In the end, we want to display screen your donated auction things in their ideal gentle. Your attendees are visible creatures. When your merchandise are attractively exhibited, they glimpse far better and turn out to be more fascinating. This interprets into far better bids for your merchandise.

For shots of these silent auction thoughts in motion, visit the website link under.

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