Prevention Picks November 2021:16 Editor-Approved Wellness Products


At Prevention, we take pride in picking the best products for our readers. Our mission has always been to highlight top-rated, expert-backed selections that truly solve a problem for you, make your day easier, or bring joy to your life.

That’s why we curate Prevention Picks each month, where our editors hand-select products that have genuinely made a difference in their lives. From brand-new launches to tried-and-true favorites, we shout out beauty products worth your money, fitness gear that will elevate your workouts, convenient gadgets for your home, tasty snacks that stand out from the rest, and so much more.

This month, with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah upon us, we’re getting ready to clean out our closets to make space for new and exciting products (and gifts) to come. But before giving gifts to others, it’s important to take care of ourselves, especially since we’ll be spending more time bundled up inside. Luckily, our editors have shared all the products that’ll keep you feeling warm and cozy throughout the colder days.

You’ll find a rich moisturizing night cream that soothes and repairs the skin, a comfy universal wool cozy sweater that will keep you feeling toasty, and an eyelash tool that not only curls but also fans out your lashes (for a bright-eyed effect). We’ve also discovered reading glasses that can be worn in the shower (complete with anti-fog technology!—great for trying to read your shampoo’s instructions), a deep hydrating leave-in treatment for damaged strands, and Amazon leggings that could double as a pair of Lululemon’s. Below, check out our 16 favorite finds and stock up before the holidays!!

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Leave-in Treatment

My hair is drier than ever now that the weather is getting cooler, on top of the usual hair color and styling-induced damage. This Rahua treatment, loaded with botanical extracts, oils, and butter is like a moisturizer for your hair: It’s one of the only leave-in conditioners I’ve tried that makes my hair noticeably feel and look healthier and softer every time I use it, yet somehow leaves no weight or greasiness behind. I’m constantly testing new formulas for my job and never fail to return to this one because it works. And the light herbal scent with a hint of aromatherapy, thanks to eucalyptus and lavender oils, is the cherry on top!

— April Franzino, Beauty Director 


High Waist Leggings

Core 10


“These thin (but not see-through) leggings are high quality and perfect for running and lifting all season long—plus, they come in a variety of cute colors. They’re affordable at less than half the cost of your typical Lululemon leggings, and they’re also on the long side, which is great for tall girls like me. Make sure to let them hang dry!”

— Allie Early, Digital Director 


C E Ferulic with 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum 30ml



This serum has been a go-to in my skincare routine for over 10 years. As a beauty editor, I have the opportunity to try more skincare products than you can imagine (#lucky). But when it comes to my morning serum, I won’t ever stray from this classic. It brightens and protects my skin with powerful antioxidants like vitamins C, E, and Ferulic acid. Plus, it layers perfectly with my other products. Yes, it’s pricey—but totally worth it.

— Dori Price, Freelance Beauty Editor


Primegreen Stan Smith Sneaker



I’m not what you would call a sneaker person—I’ve worn the same pair of Nikes for the last five years. However, I picked these up on a whim before a recent trip and they’ve hardly left my feet since. They’re super comfortable for walking, they match everything, and they give my outfits a street-style flair that I love. I have them in the green colorway, but there are many other cool combo designs to choose from.

— Kayla Blanton, Freelance Writer


Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool



Mosquitoes and other bugs seem to be attracted to me. So I was curious to try out the Bug Bite Thing and was pleasantly surprised by it. This suction tool removes bug irritants left under the skin after a bite, preventing the body from reacting through itchiness and swelling. Unlike other products, it doesn’t mask those symptoms, but instead, it removes what causes them. It can also be used to relieve the stinging sensation after bees and wasps attacks. I like this product so much, I’m thinking about gifting it to friends! 

— Sue Kakstys, Assistant Managing Editor


PRO Citrus Zester and Cheese Grater



This is easily the most underrated item in my kitchen. From grating garlic or ginger (instead of chopping), zesting limes and lemons, or shredding cheese right over a big bowl of pasta, my grater is my must-have kitchen tool. Each time I break it out, it makes a major impact on whatever I’m making. You’d be surprised what some lemon zest or freshly grated parm can do to a dish! Plus, it’s easy to clean, small enough to store in a drawer, and super affordable.

— Arielle Weg, Associate Editor  


Shu Uemura Eye Eyelash Curler

Shu Uemura


If you have long but aggravatingly straight eyelashes like me—this eyelash curler is a must-have. Paired with my favorite mascara, not only does it curl, but it also helps to fan out my lashes. I’ve been using this one since high school, and not only has it lasted 10+ years, but it’s also so easy to clean. Be sure to stock up on the rubber part and it’ll last decades, trust me. Pro tip: use a hairdryer to warm up the clamp and then curl your lashes (just be sure it’s not too hot before using!). It’ll help the curl last (and make for a mega curl).

— Emily Goldman, Senior Editor


Restoring Night Cream

As soon as the temperature begins to drop, I know my face will need an extra boost to keep it feeling moisturized and healthy. Enter: Sun Bum’s Restoring night cream. I found Sun Bum when I was looking for cruelty-free skincare products that use clean ingredients and don’t cost an arm and a leg. The small California company checked off all these boxes and more. Their Restoring night cream is ultra-hydrating and uses antioxidant-rich ingredients like banana, niacinamide, and vitamin E to nourish the driest winter skin. It has a perfect consistency—not too thick, not too thin, and my face looks noticeably refreshed in the morning. I can also attest that it spreads really nicely, so you only need a dime-sized dollop!

— Mica Bahn, Editorial Fellow  


Oral Essentials Teeth Whitening Kit

Oral Essentials


Let’s be real—it’s not always easy to find natural beauty products that work, but this non-toxic teeth whitening kit by Lumineux really does. This set comes with whitening strips, mouthwash, and toothpaste, as well as a bonus plastic-free toothbrush. With coconut oil, sage, and lemon peel, each product gently whitens the teeth without harsh chemicals. As someone prone to sensitivity, I was able to use these repeatedly with no problems, and after a month, I’m seeing amazing results.

— Nicol Natale, Freelance Writer


Gluten-Free Low-Carb Bread



Yes! A gluten-free bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard—in fact, it tastes downright terrific. Carbonaut is also keto-certified (yes, that’s a thing) and low-carb, with a whopping 14 grams of fiber per slice. My fave is the seeded loaf, though the cinnamon-raisin is a super pick too.

— Lisa Bain, Executive Director, Health Newsroom


Dry Brushing Body Brush



There’s always a new skincare trend to try, but I can happily say that dry brushing is a beauty method you’ll need to test out at least once—espically if your skin gets dry and flaky during the winter. Beauty moguls like Alicia Keys and Cindy Crawford swear by it for its wellness benefits, too. Just a few brushes in the morning and at night is all you’ll need to reveal smoother and softer skin all over your body. And I love using this wooden brush because it has a soft cotton handle that gives me a good grip and helps me target harder to reach places like my back. 

— Shauna Beni, Associate Ecomm Editor


Paloma Wool Anita Sweater

Lisa Says Gah


All it takes to weather the colder months is one great sweater—so let me introduce you to this one. Paloma wool’s super-comfy, universally wearable jumper is more than worth the investment; I can’t imagine dressing through autumn without it. At dinner parties, on interviews, and during movie marathons, this sweater excels at making me look just a little cooler than I actually am, and it’ll be in constant rotation until May. I can personally guarantee you will look good in it. (Full disclosure: I own last year’s reclining nude design, which sold out almost instantly. Buy yours ASAP!)

— Jake Smith, Editorial Assistant


Clearspecs Readers


Sorry if this is TMI, but I haven’t been able to shave in the shower since I turned 40 because that’s when I started to need reading glasses to do anything up close. Obviously, you can’t wear readers in the shower—they get wet and foggy. I’ve tried all the tricks, but I usually ended up waiting to read or shave until I could wear my regular readers. 

The solution: Clearspecs, which come as readers, and their offshoot Showerspecs (magnifiers for the shower). Both are well-made, durable, and cute. They have an anti-fog coating on both sides, which I have not found on readers before. The Showerspecs also have a little handy-hole on the end of the stem and come with an adhesive hook, so you can leave them in the shower next to your loofah. They make needing reading glasses a lot less annoying!

— Stephanie Dolgoff, Deputy Director, Health Newsroom


Raw Macadamia Butter

Wilderness Poets


I love nut butter toast, and I like to be generous with my smearing, so my ideal nut butter contains one ingredient: a nut. No added sugar, no unnecessary additives, not even salt! And I found my dream spread from Wilderness Poets, a company that handcrafts their organic raw butters and puts the most thought and care into their ingredient sourcing. If nut butters aren’t your thing, keep reading: They also sell a variety of organic nuts and seeds, dried fruits, trail mix, cacao nibs, instant miso, and even superfood powders.

— Alyssa Jung, Senior Editor 


Laptop Backpack


If you schlep a laptop to and from your office, don’t ruin your back or shoulder by carrying all the weight on one side of your body! This gorgeous leather backpack can fit a 13-inch laptop along with other commuting essentials (like a water bottle, small umbrella, and a lunch container). On top of that, it’s super sleek so you won’t feel like a kid going to school with a bulky, brightly colored pack.

— Kaitlyn Pirie, Senior Editor


Scenic Wrap



I am always cold, and my little cardigans haven’t been cutting it: I need something that doesn’t allow even the slightest breeze up the back of my shirt (brrrr!). This long sweater feels so cozy but looks stylish, too—it’s not bulky, it’s substantial but sleek. Be prepared to see a lot of this, my fellow co-workers.

— Sarah Smith, Editor in Chief  

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