‘Silver Strands of Glitter’ embraces gray hair on Instagram

A quick glance at Whitney Lichty’s Instagram page would lead you to believe that she’s a mane maven with some mad styling skills. But “Silver Strands of Glitter,” as she aptly named her popular account, is more about strength and empowerment than just hair.

Lichty, 41, started going gray in her early 20s, and she proceeded to dye her hair for over 20 years — until she’d finally had enough in 2019 and decided to embrace her natural roots.

Whitney Lichty started going gray in her early 20s.silverstrandsofglitter/ Instagram

After an enlightening conversation with a friend, Lichty started asking herself some tough questions to get to the root of why she had been hiding her gray hair all this time.

“After further reflection, I really decided that none of those negative feelings about a hair color were my own and that I didn’t have to feel embarrassed or feel like I had to cover something that was very natural to me,” she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on Friday.

Lichty decided to share photos of her hair transformation journey on social media so she would have a way to look back on it later, but “Silver Strands of Glitter” has evolved into so much more.

Through her account, Lichty has created a welcoming community for other silver sirens and women who are considering ditching the dye. And it’s hard not to feel inspired when looking at her gorgeous posts.

The social media influencer has been dye-free for 27 months now, and she told Hoda and Jenna that the experience has boosted her confidence.

“It has skyrocketed, which is probably hard and confusing for people to hear,” she said. “I’ve really been able to celebrate and love things about myself that I don’t think I would have been able to having not experienced this journey.” 

The “Silver Strands of Glitter” account now has more than 82,000 followers, and Lichty frequently gets messages from women she’s inspired to embrace their natural locks.

“It was incredible to think that I could play a small role in helping someone and encouraging someone to do something that they really didn’t think that they would be able to do. So it’s been a really powerful experience in a lot of different ways,” she explained. 

So, is this silver siren really all-in, or is she leaving the door open in case she decides to dye her hair again one day?

“I definitely try to say ‘never say never’ anymore because I said that I would never stop coloring my hair. But I really think that this is one of those things that I’m definitely going to stick with,” she said.

In the last 27 months, Lichty has developed a few tips for anyone who’s intrigued by her journey, and she was happy to share them with TODAY.

“(Don’t) put too much pressure on yourself. It’s just hair and so one of the greatest things about this process is you can dye it again and you can try to grow your roots out again as many times as you want. It’s your hair, and it’s your decision,” she said.


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