Steph Curry Curry 9 Curry Flow Go Basketball Shoes

Currently averaging 29.6 points per game in the 2021-22 NBA season, Steph Curry and his Under Armour family have recently unveiled the Curry Flow 9, a basketball shoe that’s been in the works since 2019. Alongside the Golden State Warriors guard’s latest signature sneaker – the second from under the Curry Brand umbrella – the partnership has introduced the Curry Flow Go running shoe.

Touted as the brand’s “best basketball shoe,” the Curry 9 went into ideation when the 33-year-old asked UA’s innovation and design team if there was a way he could get an extra split-second within shot creation from his footwear. Curry’s inquiry has been addressed via a number of components, the first being UA WARP, a unique upper technology that acts as seatbelts for the foot. Without getting in the way of natural movements, the solution delivers lockdown without sacrificing breathability and lightweight feel.

“It’s such a big impact to be locked into your shoe,” said Curry about UA WARP technology in an official press release for the Curry 9. “Having that stability to execute any move or cut that you need to with the most efficiency possible.”

Additionally, the UA Flow sole has been modified from the Curry Flow 8 with input from Curry, Damian Lee, Kent Bazemore and other NBA players. The responsive foam has been left intact, but its accompanying traction pattern has been tweaked at the toe and lateral edges.

Away from basketball, the Curry Brand partnership has announced the Curry Flow Go, a running sneaker informed by not only the Steph Curry line of products, but also UA’s rich history of performance footwear. Intended to address the nearly eight marathons-worth of mileage the greatest shooter in NBA history logs during the regular season, the shoe uses a modified version of the UA Flow midsole Curry has come to love. A one-piece knit upper complements the energy-returning solution underfoot, delivering a distraction-free ride for cardio-enthusiasts of all levels. Suede detailing throughout the model proffer a touch of luxury, as well as functional durability, while four dots near the lateral forefoot nod to Step’s family: his wife, Ayesha, and three children, Riley, Ryan and Canon.

Enjoy campaign imagery of both silhouettes here below, and find them available right now at in launch colors inspired by Sesame Street.

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The Curry Brand Unveils The Curry Flow 9 And Curry Flow Go Running Shoe

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