SWATCH ambassadors predict spring fashion trends

SWATCH ambassadors predict spring fashion trends

Spring is coming, bringing warmer weather and new fashion trends to blossom in its wake. 

 The fashion forecasters over at SWATCH magazine, Auburn’s fashion and design magazine created by students in the Apparel Merchandising and Design Association are here to discuss the biggest spring trends of 2022.

Hannah Mains, sophomore in apparel merchandising and media director of SWATCH, said she predicts crochet and tote bags will be popular this spring, along with platform and chunky shoes. 

“I feel like they kind of already have been in the past few months,” Mains said, “These type of shoes often offer a lot of opportunity to bring bright colors into one’s wardrobe as well, which is usually typical for spring fashion trends.”

Mains said social media often has an influence on fashion trends, and because of the prevalence of chunky shoes on social media, it will most likely become a trend this spring. 

“I feel like we are transforming away from bolder prints and pattens,” Mains said. “I think it is important to keep statement pieces in your wardrobe, but the trend of multiple bold pieces at once might start to fall off.”

Another accessory that will be on the rise this spring is tote bags. 

According to Angelique Cabanero, senior in apparel merchandising and executive editor of SWATCH, tote bags will be a staple item of the spring and will most likely pop up in lots of different styles and patterns. 

“Tote bags have already gained so much popularity and traction in the past season,” Cabanero said. “But now that people are wanting to go to the pool or the beach, they are going to need something to carry their towels and sunscreen in.”

Cabanero also agrees with the previous trends of bold prints and the return of the Y2K, the year 2000, trends will start to fade, and more beachy styles will take their place. 

“A lot of people are realizing when they wear something super bold, they can only wear it with so many things and it is hard to create multiple outfits with something super unique and bold,” Cabanero said. “That is why I think we will see a decrease in that bold Y2K print and pattern aesthetic.”

Karsyn Hughes, senior in apparel merchandising and SWATCH ambassador, said she also predicts a lot of patterned knitwear and crochet to become popular this spring. 

“We saw knitwear as a microtrend last summer, now we can expect to see it as one of the biggest trends of 2022,” Hughes said.

Hughes said that knitwear is a very simple, but versatile fashion piece which allows for it to be worn in many different ways and styles. 

“There is so much you can do with knitwear, and I am excited to see more crochet dresses and matching sets, as well as bold tote bags and hats,” Hughes said, “I am looking forward to seeing as well as wearing the different patterns that will be executed on lots of carefree and vibrant looks.”

Other trends that are predicted to make a comeback are low-rise jeans and corset-inspired tops. 

Jamie Krauth, freshman in apparel merchandising and SWATCH ambassador, said she is excited to see corset tops emerge as a trend. 

“I can’t wait to see more ways that they are designed and styles as the year continues,” Krauth said. “I have recently styled my corset-inspired top with leather pants which was a huge trend last winter, and fun, pink boots.”

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