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PRP for Hair Loss – 5 Not unusual Myths Busted!

Within the contemporary previous, there was numerous speak about PRP for hair loss remedy and even if it’s been confirmed to be an efficient strategy to deal with hair loss, there are nonetheless those that are reluctant to believe it. The process has proven extraordinarily promising effects in all places the sector and there are hair recovery mavens who will …

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Shaving your legs won’t make your hair thicker: 10 beauty myths busted | Makeup

The myth: shaving your legs causes the hair to grow back thicker and darkerNope, says trichologist Anabel Kingsley. “Your hair is not like a lawn that is stimulated by cutting. If you cut your hair short, shave your head, legs or anywhere else, hair will not grow back thicker.” It’s the stubby length and squared-off (rather than naturally tapered) hair …

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