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The Redemption Arc of Fashion’s Most Divisive Shoe

I remember my first pair of Crocs. Tell a lie, they were actually knock-offs, bought from a market stall on a packaged holiday to Spain when I was a pre-teen. They were perfect for two weeks of sun-kissed bliss, featuring blue ice-creams drenched in E numbers, endless chicken nuggets and chasing girls I fancied around the pool with my Super …

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BTS inspires its ARMY to show off fan-made fashions

Lailani Manimbo draws plenty of inspiration in her life from BTS — even when it comes to her fashion sense. Several times throughout the year, the 32 year-old neurosurgery RN from Torrance regularly hosts a cup sleeve event (with COVID-19 precautions in place), called Boba With Luv, named after the popular BTS song “Boy With Luv.” In K-pop culture, cup …

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