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“House of Gucci,” Reviewed: Lady Gaga Steals a Style-Challenged Yarn of the Fashion World

Start with the accents. Ridley Scott’s new movie, “House of Gucci,” is about one of Italy’s most notable and notorious fashion families, but it is an English-language movie starring an extraordinary cast of American and British actors—Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, and Jack Huston—who speak in heavily Italian-accented English. This decision renders the movie ridiculous …

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Gucci and Balenciaga’s ‘Hacker’ Project Brings Out Fashion Fans

On Monday, several customers stepped into the Balenciaga store on Madison Avenue thinking they were walking into Gucci. Their mistake was understandable: The front window appeared to have been spray-painted with the word “Gucci.” The occasion for the faux vandalism was the second installment of the Hacker Project series, with items dropping at 74 Balenciaga locations. At first glance, the …

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Lady Gaga and Ridley Scott on ‘House of Gucci’: When Beauty Turns Ugly

SCOTT No, totally. There’s nothing like success to make you feel good in the morning, right? At the same time, if you get some kind of clip or hit, don’t let it get to you. If you like what you did, move on. GAGA I can’t agree more. When you are making art to please people or seek praise, this …

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